Fellowship Matters: Introducing Our New Blog

Your UUFR Board of Directors is initiating this new blog “Fellowship Matters”. Its purpose is to serve the UUFR mission “to build a Unitarian Universalist community that transforms lives and empowers people to serve the world”.

We hope that this blog will enhance our communication and engagement with each other in several ways:

  • by providing space for more detailed discussion on various topics than is presently available in other forums (UUFR webpage, Facebook pages, and the Chalice, etc.).
  • by serving as a repository where important information can be stored and recalled when needed.
  • by providing a mechanism for readers to comment and ask questions, and to share answers

We have chosen the name “Fellowship Matters” intentionally to recall a previous online column that disappeared a few years ago. Articles of a page or two were written by the Board, Committees, and others on a rotating basis. A few of these can still be found on the member Google drive but most have not been saved.

The Fellowship Matters blog should enhance, not replace, other UUFR communications. We hope to fill some gaps but also to highlight and increase awareness of information sources such as the Justice Blogs and Wellspring programs. Soon we’ll provide a mechanism for comments and questions by readers.

The word “matters” can be a noun or a verb, and we intend this blog to encompass both uses. As a noun, “matters” refers to concerns, issues…stuff. Yes, this blog will address stuff and things. As a verb, “matters” means something is important. So “fellowship matters” says “fellowship means something important, ” or “fellowship counts.” We hope this blog will help our UU Fellowship of Raleigh to matter -to mean something important – in all our lives and in the lives of those around us. Maybe even to transform lives, and empower us to serve the world.