Justice Sunday for October: BackPack Buddies!

“BackPack Buddies” is Inter-Faith Food Shuttle’s program providing children from low-income households with groceries on weekends. These are children who normally depend on school breakfasts and lunches during the week. Because Wake county is currently doing “virtual” school, the Food Shuttle is working through the FAST (Families and Schools Together) program located at YMCA’s, where kids whose parents work can go to do their virtual learning aided by the staff.

UUFR is again sponsoring 15 children for the year: providing the cost of the year’s worth of food. Because of the pandemic, the Food Shuttle is purchasing pre-packed bags; there is no opportunity for volunteers to pack the bags as we have done in the past.

We look forward to when we can again gather to pack food for our “Buddies” … but for now we simply need to provide the funds. The cost to purchase the pre-packed bags for the upcoming year for the 15 children is $4275, and we must raise at least half that amount this month for the fall term: $2138.

Feeding hungry children: only you can make this happen. Please contribute generously that Sunday, or before then, or even afterwards!

If you “attend” the service on the 11th, use any of the ways to make your contribution. If you want to contribute RIGHT NOW, follow this link to the UUFR website and choose the “Justice Sunday” option. Any donation made this way in October will benefit BackPack Buddies! Donate HERE.