Fellowship Matters: Get To Know Your Board Member Sheila Higgins

Sheila Higgins is the UUFR Secretary, serving through June of 2021. The Secretary is primarily responsible for: preparing minutes for all Board of Directors and Congregational meetings and ensuring these are filed properly and made available to all members of the fellowship; ensuring quorum requirements are met prior to voting at the Annual meeting; and, ensuring that an official copy of the Bylaws, Policy and Procedure Manual and other official documents are maintained and made accessible to all members of the fellowship. Sheila writes:

My roots are in the upstate New York and New England area. It was wonderful growing up there and my experiences have certainly endeared me to nature, the mountains and the beach, still a joy today. After graduating from U Conn in 1981 with a degree in nursing I worked for a short while in New Jersey before having a big adventure with the US Navy Nurse Corps (retired 2002). Traveling overseas was a highlight. I left hospital nursing in 1990 for grad school at UNC C Hill and received an MPH with a concentration in occupational health. I worked for UPS for 12 years and ended my work career as a program manager in Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology at state public health in 2019. I live with my cat Lulu in N Raleigh.

“A good friend from grad school introduced me to Unitarian Universalism years ago and I finally took the step to explore it seriously in 2007 at UUFR. I will always remember how friendly people were upon arrival and Pat Butler signing me up for Special Events committee before I knew what was what, a great launch. Since then I have gratefully evolved in terms of inspiration and commitment. I have served on the Special Events Committee, Committee for Ministry and Generosity Campaign. I currently help out the Grounds Committee, serve as a coffee barista during coffee hour and sit on the Board. I enjoy walking, beaching, taking trips, reading, volunteering at Saving Grace dog rescue and trying to learn golf.


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