Fellowship Matters: Get To Know Your Board Member: Treasurer Paul Groves

Paul Groves is a member of the UUFR Board and is the Treasurer of the church, serving from July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022.  The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring the church revenue and expenses to ensure the financial health of UUFR. Paul writes:

I was born and raised in southeastern Ohio and attended a Methodist Church growing up.  After high school graduation in 1965, I attended Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio, where I majored in English Literature.  After college, I enlisted in the Air Force, serving in Louisiana and then Korea, after training in Texas and Mississippi.  After military service, I returned to Ohio State University and obtained a Masters degree in Computer Science. While at Ohio State, I met my wife Nancy.  We moved to the Cleveland area in 1978, where I was introduced to Unitarian Universalism by my wife who grew up UU.  We were married at East Shore Unitarian Church on the east side of the Cleveland area. 

Until our first child, Kevin, was born in 1980, we did not attend church regularly.  However, having our first child motivated us to regularly start attending the 1st Unitarian Church of Cleveland in 1981.  We both served as teachers in RE for a number of years as our son and our daughter, Beth, born in 1983, progressed through the UU RE programs.  I also served on the Pledge Drive committee and on the Board of Directors at 1st church.

During this time I changed from computer programming into IT management, working at several companies in the Cleveland area.  In 1996 I took a job as an IT Manager in Ashtabula, Ohio which caused us to change UU churches, as we returned to East Shore UU Church.  At East Shore, I was very active in church leadership, serving on the Board, on the Pledge Drive, and on a number of other committees.

By 2006 our son Kevin had graduated from college and moved to Florida.  He married in 2009 and his son, Rydan, was born in 2011. Our daughter Beth stayed in Indianapolis after college graduation.  She married in 2006 and continued living in Indianapolis.  Beth’s first child, Lainey, was born in 2010.

By 2010, my wife and I decided we would move to Indianapolis to be close to our granddaughter Lainey.  My wife continued to work full time, but by then I had retired and had assumed the role of fulltime nanny so that my daughter and son-in-law could continue to work full time.  After moving to Indianapolis, we joined the All Souls UU Church in Indianapolis.  I held several leadership roles there including the Board and the Pledge Drive committee.

Because of our son-in-law taking a job in Raleigh in 2014, we decided to move from Indianapolis to the Raleigh area so that I could continue in my role of nanny.  My wife Nancy took a position in Nursing at WakeMed Hospital. In 2015, our grandson Preston was born in Raleigh, adding to my nanny work. 

We joined the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh in 2015.  Here at UUFR I have served on the Denominational Affairs committee, Stewardship Committee, Generosity team, and on the UUFR Board as church Treasurer.

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