Fellowship Matters: Get to Know Your Board Member, Past President Mary Kay Fruga

Mary Kay Fruga is the Past President, serving through June of 2021.  The Past President is primarily responsible for supporting and assisting the current President, and also serves as liaison to the Nominating Committee.  The Past President works with the Nominating Committee and with the minister and lay leaders across the congregation to recognize emerging needs, to identify potential talent, and to support and expand opportunities for leadership development and coordination. Mary Kay writes:

My husband John Luecke and I have been members at UUFR since just after we moved to Raleigh in 2013. We drew a circle around this Wade Avenue location and started looking for a home, knowing we’d already located our community of choice. We met in Wisconsin at UW-Milwaukee while we were each pursuing an M.A in Communication, and have been married 45 years this year. We initially discovered Unitarian Universalism in the 80s as we looked to build a foundation for raising our two kids, and for moving beyond our Catholic and Lutheran upbringings toward a deeper and more inclusive spirituality.

We’ve seen a groundswell of change at UUFR in the time we’ve been here — but especially in the past two years.  Weathering the traumas of ministry and pandemic that might have pulled us apart has instead reignited our commitment to community — whatever it takes — and has reawakened us to the needs all around us.

In these days of chaos and uncertainty, UUFR gives me grounding.  I am increasingly intrigued by what we might become.  And I’m wondering, too, about what I might still become if I really dig into what gives me energy — writing, gardening, singing in a choir, and bringing clarity to chaos wherever I find it.

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