Fellowship Matters: In case you hadn’t heard (update)

Peace Hall Renovations Have Begun

Work begins on Peace Hall flooring
Pulling up flooring in the Clara Barton room. Photo by Dave Prestrud

Morris Construction Consultants, under the watchful eyes of the Renovation Task Force, started construction on Friday, November 20. Well, actually, they started with destruction, pulling out old carpeting and flooring. Eventually the project will replace doors, floors and windows, renovates bathrooms, add a shower, and more.

Funding for this projects comes from the One Heart Fund, the UUFR Foundation and the Memorial Committee. Unfortunately, we cannot afford to renovate either of the Peace Hall or Founders Hall kitchens yet. We do, however, expect to buy and install some new appliances, starting with a dishwasher in Founders Hall. Other work may be possible depending on how actual costs compare to estimated costs. 

Board Meets with Interest Groups, Committees, and Ministry Teams

This year your Board of Directors is concentrating on strong communication with the congregation. To hear from individuals each Board member is having “relational conversations” with UUFR members and friends. We are also setting aside part of the Board’s meeting schedule to meet with interests groups, committees and ministry teams. So far we have met with representatives of the Nominating Committee, a group of UUFR parents, and the Stewardship Committee. We hope to meet with some members of the Young Adults group during our December 1 work session. If you would like to speak with a Board member either individually or as a group, feel free to use the feedback form to initiate contact.

Mask-erade Auction a Big Success

Did anyone doubt that the annual auction would be a big success even though we couldn’t gather together for eating, laughing and bidding? A cast of volunteers led by Danna and John Mattocks managed somehow to pull it all together. Becky Elliot and her crew implemented a new online auction software that worked like a charm. Members and friends donated a wide array of good and services, and then competed with each other to buy them. The funds raised – Around $23,000 – were startling. This is comparable to previous, in-person, pre-pandemic auctions! Even better was the good time had by all who participated (and the enjoyment that the winning bidders will derive in the months to come. Well done! Thank you all.

UUFR Has Gone Solar – Almost

Russ Outcult reports that all inspections have passed, the net meter is installed and we’re ready to go. All that’s left is to commission the system, i.e. install the Solar Edge app (that will allow us all to view production data) and switch on the inverters. This nearly happened last week but we had a mixup with the access to the building, so Eagle Solar is scheduled to do it this week.

Looking to Do More At UUFR?

The Nominating Committee might be able to help you find, or expand, your niche. Check out this post

Coming Soon(ish): Items Not Quite Ready for Release

  • The Healthy Congregations Committee proposed and the Board approved a new Limited Participation Agreement for Registered Sex Offenders policy. We expect a post in this blog discussing the policy – both why such a policy is necessary and details about this policy.
  • The “Get to Know Your Board Member” series was well-received. We hope to start a similar series about our UUFR staff.
  • Follow progress on the Peace Hall renovations in the Fellowship Matters blog. There’s even some talk of short videos.


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