Fellowship Matters: ONE Wake needs us NOW (this week!)

We’ve done some talking, now it’s time for the action that we promised.

Time to step up. This is where the rubber meets the road. It’s time to put up or…well, stop bragging. Pick you pithy phrase to describe the situation we – the UUFR congregation – are in this week regarding our commitment to the betterment of Raleigh through our membership in ONE Wake.

Right now we have three opportunities to respond to ONE Wake requests. One is to mitigate the pending eviction crisis likely as the result of the COVID 19 pandemic. The other two are part of the effort to ensure that the proposed downtown south development project works for everyone, including the people living there now.

1. We need your help sending 600 emails to the City Council by Dec 8th!

Please take 2 minutes to send an email form-letter to Raleigh’s Mayor and City Council supporting ONE Wake’s proposal for community benefits in Downtown South. Our goal is 600 emails sent by Dec 8th

3 easy actions:

  • Please have each member of your household sign, It is easy to send, just follow this link: www.onewake.org/dsp
  • Raleigh & Non-Raleigh residents: please sign ONE Wake’s petition on this “tax increment grant” (TIG) here: https://www.onewake.org/tig_petition
  • share widely in your community.

(text for this item originates entirely from an email from Chris Olson to the UUFR ONE Wake team)

2. Attend the Downtown South Action Meeting

(from ONE Wake web page https://www.onewake.org/dsp_action_mtg)

During our meeting you will learn about the latest developments in our campaign to win community benefits from John Kane in exchange for rezoning Downtown South, why this campaign is necessary, and the tools we have at our disposal to secure binding commitments from Kane.

1 action, will take one hour Tues December 8 at 7:00 pm:

3. Help head off evictions.

With so many out of work or underemployed because of the pandemic, evictions of thousands of renters is a very real possibility. So far a nationwide legal ban on evictions has kept many in their homes, but that moratorium ends on December 31. Federal relief funds, provided months ago, have mostly been used up. Unemployment funds are ending soon.

The good news: Wake County still has access to $11,000,000 (yes, that’s eleven million dollars) of eviction prevention funds. This program is called “House Wake Phase II”.

The bad news: These special funds must be spent or committed by December 31. Use ’em or lose ’em.

More good news: We have good  information about this program, we just need to get the word to folks who need it. This ONE Wake affordable housing page(from ONE Wake web page https://www.onewake.org/dsp_action_mtg) provides access summary information for both tenants and landlords as well as pamphlets in both English and Spanish to be downloaded, printed and distributed

1 action

  • At a meeting on Dec. 3, we were asked “to organize members of your institution to distribute House Wake Phase II eviction prevention resources to your community. Consider targeting leaders that head up the benevolence fund, heat and electrical assistance programs, food distribution, etc.”


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