Peace Hall Renovation Progress

Dave Prestrud, or the Renovation Task Force, provided this report on February 22. He’s also been posting updates with more pictures on the “Members and Friends” Facebook page.
The Renovation Task Force is pleased to be able to report that a lot has been happening with the Peace Hall renovations in the last few weeks. All of the new doors have been hung, all of the fluorescent lights have been replaced with LED fixtures, ceramic tile has been installed in the restrooms and new shower room, and the walls have been patched and prepped for paint. Most significantly all of the windows, many of which were badly fogged, have been replaced with new, substantially more energy efficient windows.

In the coming weeks the new LVT flooring will be installed throughout the building, walls and ceilings will be painted, and the new toilet partitions and vanities will be installed. We were fortunate to be under budget when work began, so we’ve been able to add back a few things previously cut, most notably replacing the kitchen cabinets.

We’re looking forward to being able to give you in-person tours. We think you’ll be impressed with how these substantial improvements have created a pleasant inviting environment that reflects how much we value our RE programs.

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