Nominate A UUFR Hero For the 2021 MICHOS-IRWIN Award

The Board is now accepting nominations for the 2021 Michos-Irwin Award, to be announced at the annual Congregational Meeting. The award is named after Barbara Michos and Rand Irwin.  Both were long-time members of the congregation who consistently shared their time and considerable talents with UUFR, day-to-day and year-to-year. 

This award recognizes a member — either an individual or a couple — who has shared their time and talent with UUFR to an extraordinary degree, on a continuing basis.  Members and staff are encouraged to submit nominations. Factors to consider should include the magnitude, duration and consistency of the person’s contributions.  There is no limit on the types of contributions that may be considered.

To nominate an individual for the 2021 Michos-Irwin Award, use the online nomination form available here explaining why you believe your nominee should be considered.  Include the name of your nominee and a detailed description of the contributions the nominee has made to UUFR over the years.  Only nominations received this year will be considered, but you are welcome to resubmit nominations you have made in the past for current consideration.  Please contact Board Secretary Sheila Higgins ([email protected]) with any questions, or to arrange for hard copy submissions.