Loop Groups Help UUFR Assess Our Ministry

If you have never participated in a Loop Group meeting, there will be opportunities in the coming months.  Loop Group is the lighthearted name the Committee on Ministry (COM) uses for the small, guided discussions that contribute to assessing our ministry.  As the president of the Board of Directors, Jim VanKirk, noted in his January 16, 2021 blog, the COM has been leading these conversations, modeled on the Completing the Circle method of gathering feedback.

The COM works with Rev. James to select topics in advance and then develop relevant, open-ended questions followed by listening sessions, the Loop Groups, which emphasize individuals’ direct experiences. Our next Loop Group will focus on participation in UUFR’s Adult Exploration Programs. You can take a quick, three-question survey to let us know if you’re interested in participating in this program in May. 

The committee summarize the information, without attribution, to report back to the Board.  Their goal is to hold four or more each year with each covering a different aspect of ministry.  Loop Groups are currently held on Zoom to maintain safe social distancing, but we hope to have these conversations in-person in the near future.

The COM is made up of six members and the lead minister.  COM has a rotation of three years of service with replacements selected by the Nominating Committee for Board approval.  The primary goal is to serve in an advisory role to the Board and ministers to provide both big picture and specific feedback from the congregation.  Loop Groups are the focus of this effort, the COM ask that you be on the lookout and consider signing up to participate.

Contributed by Brian Overton of the Committee on Ministry

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