Summer Update from the Board

Summer update from your Board of Directors

You may be wondering “What has our Board of Directors been doing since the Annual Meeting?”

At the end of June, the board had their Summer Retreat where we said goodbye to our members rolling off, welcomed our new members, spent time learning about the work of the board, and developed our annual goals. Because of our growing congregational size, the board has understood that there’s still a lot to learn about being a large congregation. At our summer retreat we made the decision to hold off on July board meetings so we could spend those hours learning about what it means to be a large congregation.

So what does our learning look like?:

  • Book Study – All board members are reading the book Inside the Large Congregation by Susan Beaumont. We will discuss what we’ve taken away from this book at our in-person Work Session on Tuesday, August 3rd.
  • Reorganization – Rebecca Marmaduke has been tirelessly working at moving documents over to our new Board Shared Drive. While working with a small board group, she’s been creating an organization system that will make documents easier to find, edit, and publish. Her experience in User Experience Design has made her perfect for updating organization practices for larger communities.
  • Accessibility – Rebecca, Jim Yocom, and Laura Dupré have spent time looking at ADA compliant formatting for published board documents so all members are able to appropriately access published items.
  • Relational Meetings – All board members have been making efforts to meet with community members both in and outside of our UUFR community to learn more about who they are and build a connection with them.
  • UU Connections – The UUFR and ERUUF boards are in the process of planning times to sit down together and learn from each other.
  • Yavneh Connection – Yavneh has reached out and shared they’d love to be more connected with our board. The UUFR Board will have a liaison to the Yavneh Board of Directors so we can deepen our partnership with them.
  • Committee Work – Board members have started their liaison work with each board based committee. All board members have attended the first committee meetings of the 2021-2022 year. They’ve spoken with the committees on the role of the liaison for our growing fellowship size and discussed the level of involvement the committees needed from the board to work effectively.

All in all, we’ve had a busy summer despite not having a board meeting in the month of July.

The board will next meet again, in person, August 3rd at 7pm in Founders Hall. Any and all are welcome to join our meetings. Feel free to read along in our book study of Inside the Large Congregation by Susan Beaumont. You can share your thoughts with the board by emailing: [email protected]

Email the Board: All Board members will see email addressed to [email protected]

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