Your Board, Keeping in Touch


My name is Jim Yocom and I am on UUFR’s Board of Directors.

In addition to letting the congregation know about some important events coming up soon, I thought I’d take this opportunity to  highlight some of the major ways that the Board keeps in touch with the congregation and the congregation connects with the Board.

Coming Up

Town Hall. The Board periodically organizes Town Halls where the congregation discusses specific topics. We will hold one after service on October 17th (both in person at UUFR and via Zoom) to discuss the possible extension of Reverend James’ contract.

Congregational Meeting. The congregation as a whole makes big decisions at these meetings (usually two or so each year), such as voting on Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation, selecting the Board, and making major financial decisions. Look for announcements about our next congressional meeting to be held after service on November 14th. More information about this meeting will also be discussed at the October 17 Town Hall.

Coming Soon

Committee on Ministry’s Loop Groups. One of our most vital Board committees helps evaluate program effectiveness and recommend improvements with small focus groups we call Loop Groups. With the pandemic-related changes since 2020, the Board (among other things) is currently especially eager to learn what the worship and programming experience has been for members who joined UUFR in this new “online” era. Look for more information about that process soon.

Ongoing Connections

Board Committees. One Board member attends each Board committee meeting as a liaison. Committees send brief reports to the Board after each meeting that summarize activities and request any information, guidance, or assistance.

Ministry Reports. The Lead Minister regularly reports on the congregation’s activities to the Board, including its many ministry teams.

Board Meetings. All UUFR members are invited to attend Board meetings, which are held once a month (currently on the fourth Tuesday of the month at 7:00 PM). The meeting schedule is posted on UUFR’s Google Calendar (currently accessible through our main website via the Stay Up To Date menu). The Board also sometimes directly invites specific committees or constituencies to Board meetings to stay connected with specific experiences groups have in the congregation.

One-on-One Relational Meetings. Board members talk with many UUFR members and visitors before and after service, during UUFR meetings, and at programs and social events. But we also value more in-depth “relational meetings” with individual members each month. We talk about people’s experiences at UUFR and how well they think UUFR is fulfilling its mission and member needs. Board members talk to many different types of members, but prioritize connecting with members who are fairly new or marginally involved in congregational activities.

Congregational Feedback Form. Think of this form as the congregation’s “Suggestion Box.” The Board encourages members with ideas, suggestions, observations, or other important feedback to submit this Google form. Your form goes to the entire Board as well as the Lead Minister, who often can help route the feedback to the group or groups in the best position to benefit from it. You may also contact the Board as a whole at [email protected] course, we are happy to talk with anyone at the congregation at any time. You can see the Board’s biographies here. Our individual email addresses are available on our UUFR Breeze entries.

Email the Board: All Board members will see email addressed to [email protected]

Feedback: Click here to submit a question, comment, or suggestion for your Board of Directors.

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