About the Healthy Congregations Committee

UUFR’s Healthy Congregations Committee (HCC) is responsible for developing and updating policies that describe how members of the congregation should relate to one another. It’s also responsible for promoting those policies to the membership, and for providing a mechanism by which members can resolve conflicts with other members. Conflicts between members and staff should be referred to the Lead Minister. Conflicts with the Lead Minister should be reported to the Fellowship President and the UUA.

In the past several years this committee has updated policies related to alcohol use at the Fellowship, use of Fellowship social media and email, participation of registered sex offenders in the Fellowship, and an overall policy that addresses the safety needs of children, youth, and adult members. This year the committee will update UUFR’s policy on unacceptable behavior and develop a protocol for the resolution of conflicts.

The committee, which meets monthly,  reports to the Board and the Lead Minister and includes six members, each of whom serve three-year terms. Their terms are staggered so two members roll off the committee each year.

Current committee members include John Luecke, chair; Patty Townsend, secretary; John Mattocks, Erin Edgar, Kathleen Bardin and Bill Devereux, all members at large. Paul Buescher serves as the committee’s liaison with the Board.

For questions or to raise issues with the Healthy Congregations Committee, contact John Luecke at [email protected].