Change to Committee Terms

Some of you well-respected, responsible and generous members of UUFR may be getting a phone call in the near future. A fellow UUFR member will be calling to offer you a deal — a chance to serve on a UUFR committee. And before you send that call to voice mail, we want you to know that the terms have changed.

We have shortened the suggested length of service on most UUFR committees to a starting term of one year. That’s right, just 12 short months of service that you can begin, in most cases, immediately.

Why has the UUFR Board made this change?

Because we understand that in times of great uncertainty, commitment is difficult. It’s tough to say yes to a three-year committee term when you have no clear picture of what the next three weeks, much less the next three years, may bring. How many of us could have imagined just a year ago what our experience of January 2022 would be?

As part of this change, anyone who does serve for one year on a committee will have the option to extend that service for up to three years, sometimes longer with board approval. We hope that most who agree to serve will re-up for the additional two years. But that decision will be left to individual committee members.

In these uncertain times, UUFR still needs your support. And you still need UUFR. Your committee service not only helps guide UUFR as the fellowship faces epic social changes, it can also be a steadying force in your life and help you stay connected as you navigate the continuing pandemic and what lies beyond.

When I agreed to take the place of a board member who had to step down a year before their term ended, I didn’t know if I would be nominated to serve a consecutive two-year term of my own. I was happy to accept the nomination, though, because after just one year on the board, I felt as if I was just getting to understand the function and mission. When COVID struck about half-way through my second year, I found board service to be a particular blessing. With the rhythms of daily life disrupted and familiar social interactions on hold, it was a comfort to be in regular, virtual meetings where we attended to the business of the group. It provided me with a positive connection to a cause bigger than myself.

Our hope is that a taste of committee service will similarly lead volunteers to a greater connection with UUFR.

The official change the board approved at its Dec. 28 meeting was to Section 300.3.3 – 300.7.3 of the UUFR Policies and Procedures. Volunteers will now be offered the option of a one-year term of service with the opportunity to extend to three years. Committee members can be extended beyond three years with UUFR Board approval. The change applies to these committees:  Finance Advisory, Healthy Congregations, Memorial, Committee on Ministry and Stewardship.

So, when you get that call asking you to give UUFR some of your time and talent, keep in mind that a year isn’t that long and that engagement can open doors you didn’t realize were closed.

By Amber Nimocks, UUFR Board Member at Large

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