A Message from Rev. James about our New Youth Group Coordinator

Dear UUFR Members and Friends,

I am very happy to announce an addition of a new staff member at UUFR.

Rev. Terrill Lloyd, Youth Group Coordinator

The Rev. Terrill Lloyd joined the UUFR staff at the beginning of February.

He will be working part-time at UUFR as our youth group coordinator. He will spend most of his time facilitating the gatherings of our middle-school-aged and high-school aged youth on Sunday mornings, but part of his responsibilities will also include facilitating the participation of youth in other parts of congregational life.

Rev. Terrill is a graduate of Shaw University Divinity School and an ordained minister in the American Baptist tradition. While grounded in his own tradition, he is very sympathetic with the beliefs and values of Unitarian Universalism and is excited to help our youth learn more about them.

When Tryst Chagnon, our Family Ministry Director, and I interviewed him for this position, we found him to be warm, enthusiastic, caring, and creative.

As a parent of a UUFR youth group member myself, I am looking forward to have Rev. Terrill begin working with our youth. I believe he will help us create a place for our youth that welcomes them as they are, nourishes their spirt, helps them learn and grown, helps them be supportive of one another, and helps them become more involved in both the whole congregation and the larger world.

Rev. Terrill will meet with our youth for the first time on Sunday, February 20, and will be present with our children and youth in our sanctuary on Sunday, March 6.

Please join me in warmly welcoming him to UUFR.

You can learn a little bit more about him at www.uufr.org/rev-terrill-lloyd .


Rev. James