ARM and DEIB: What’s the Difference?

Both ARM and DEIB committees engage UUFR members in activities that lead to greater awareness of and commitment to anti-racist social justice.

ARM is the Anti-Racism Ministry Team that is under the Justice Council and oversees UUFR’s anti-racism activities and education programs. ARM is the driving force behind delivering 12 sessions of the 12-hour Living the Pledge to End Racism workshop. In addition, ARM works with graduates of the workshops and other ministry teams to support anti-racist social justice activities and projects at UUFR.

DEIB (Racial Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Becoming) is a committee of the Board of Directors and, as such, its members are selected by the Board’s nominating committee. DEIB is assessing where UUFR stands in terms of racial diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging and is discerning the next steps needed to reach UUFR’s goals. DEIB has engaged a consultant who is experienced in fostering anti-racism accountability in UU congregations. Watch this space for an announcement of when the consultant will discuss DEIB’s assessment efforts with the congregation.

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