Justice Sunday: Sunday, April 3rd, 2022

April’s Social Justice Donations will benefit Healing Transitions, A Place for Recovery, in Raleigh. The mission of Healing Transitions is to offer innovative, peer-based, recovery-oriented services to homeless, uninsured and underserved individuals with alcoholism and other drug addictions. Tayler Mariner, Director of Detox Services at Healing Transitions, will speak briefly at UUFR and show a short video on Sunday. Learn more here or call 561-445-1328 for more information. Link to the video. Donations can be made to Justice Sunday through Saturday, April 30th by clicking here. Please check Social Justice/Justice Sunday to designate your gift.
The program is specifically designed to rekindle a person’s desire and ability to return to a meaningful and productive life. Healing Transitions has 300 beds across two campuses in Wake County and provides an emergency shelter at the women’s campus. Services are free to participants. Pre-COVID, the cost was $38 per day for food, shelter, clothing, medical assistance, and recovery services. The cost escalated to $58 per day during COVID, but it is still more cost effective than prison or the emergency room.
The group works closely with EMS and Law Enforcement to provide relief to a overburdened healthcare and jail system. The men’s campus opened in 2000, and the women’s opened in 2015.. Since 2001, the organization has provided 1.2 million beds for shelter, 3.5 million meals, $50 million in alumni tax withholdings, and 86% of the alumni remain substance free for one year after completing the program.
Campuses are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Seeking recovery is a courageous act, and the mission of Healing Transitions is to be present as many times as it takes. Individuals battling substance use issues need to know there is a place where they can find hope again, a place where a supportive community of peers is waiting to help. We envision a community where addiction is treated as a health issue and no one dies waiting for services.