Strategic Planning Update

Jim Yocom, President Elect

UUFR’s strategic planning efforts will soon move into high gear!

A “strategic plan” is a document that helps the Board and management identify its priorities so that it can fulfill its mission effectively. In a religious organization, a strategic plan helps answer the questions, “What are we called to do?” and “What experiences do we want to have?” 

In addition to helping allocate resources and prioritizing areas for development, the 3-to-5-year vision for UUFR arising from our strategic plan will help guide UUFR’s future search for a called minister.

The Board spent the latter part of 2021 preparing to collect some of the foundational data we need to assemble this strategic plan. Board members have been studying strategic plans from other religious organizations, visiting other religious organizations, identifying UUFR’s assets, strengths, and areas for growth, and considering the broader network of mission-driven organizations in our neck of the woods. In addition to working on this “needs assessment,” Board members continue to have one-on-one relational conversations with UUFR members to listen deeply to our community’s hopes for UUFR.

In 2022 the Committee on Ministry, which helps evaluate ministry programming at UUFR, will host a series of focus groups called “Loop Groups.” In these sessions members can share their own visions with the Board. The resulting insights will be instrumental in pinning down our hopes and vision for UUFR’s future. We are planning some online and some in-person sessions throughout 2022. We hope to continue these strategic planning Loop Groups through 2022 and possibly into 2023. 

Members will have an additional opportunity to contribute to the strategic plan later in 2022. The Board will administer a large, congregational survey that will help identify the Fellowship’s priorities. Rather than focusing on what we are doing, this survey will allow us to get a big picture of the Fellowship’s vision for the future. 

Please look for sign-up opportunities for the first batch of Loop Groups, to be announced very soon. If spots fill up or don’t align with your schedule, more will be announced.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email all Board members at [email protected] or submit a comment, question, or suggestion to the Board via this form. We’re eager to hear from you.

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