Author: Fellowship Matters

Update to UUFR’s Policies & Procedures

As a whole, Unitarian Universalists are not generally known for their love of blindly following “the rules.” After all, many of us fled other faith traditions because we wanted a path to spirituality and community where we were not expected to follow all the same … read more.

Yavneh: A Jewish Renewal Community

Yavneh is a Jewish Renewal community that welcomes everyone seeking to explore, renew, and experience the richness of the Jewish tradition.  Yavneh shares space with the UUFR, pays a monthly rent, and participates in some joint activities with UUFR. Yavneh, which was founded 12 years … read more.

Strategic Planning Update

Jim Yocom, President Elect

UUFR’s strategic planning efforts will soon move into high gear!

A “strategic plan” is a document that helps the Board and management identify its priorities so that it can fulfill its mission effectively. In a religious organization, a strategic plan helps … read more.

Mid-Year Review of UUFR Finances

Paul Groves, Treasurer

Hello, this is Paul Groves, your Treasurer at UUFR. As you probably know, I always publish a brief review of our church finances on a quarterly basis in the UUFR Chalice. Since we passed the midpoint in our church fiscal year in December 2021, I now … read more.

Change to Committee Terms

Some of you well-respected, responsible and generous members of UUFR may be getting a phone call in the near future. A fellow UUFR member will be calling to offer you a deal — a chance to serve on a UUFR committee. And before you send … read more.

Learning Even More New Dance Steps

Most of us would likely agree that UUFR has weathered the pandemic remarkably well. Membership is increasing, participation and viewership at Sunday services is strong, our fiscal position is strong, our involvement in the Raleigh community is vibrant, and our facilities are in their best … read more.