Author: Congregational Administrator

Composting During the Pandemic

UUFR is continuing to compost as a congregation. Last month we collected 144 lb of compostable material, our second best month ever, in spite of the facility closure. This is due to folks bringing in their food scraps and compostable paper products to the CompostNow … read more.

Love Wins Collection – August 14, 2020

The following supplies will be collected in the lower parking lot at UUFR on August 14:

55 gallon trash bags (not 45 gall.)
disinfectants and dish soap
spoons, forks, and napkins
coffee, cups, sugar and creamer
powdered Gatorade
wire brillo pads (not the sponge kind filled with soap)
breakfast meat (sausage, … read more.

UUFR Race & Culture Book Club

For August, the book club is reading March by John Lewis, Andrew Aydin, and Nate Powell (Illustrator). It is a three-volume graphic novel of John Lewis’s life as a leader in the Civil Rights movement. Reviewers have said, “This graphic novel series is powerful and moving….It … read more.