UU White Supremacy Teach-in

Join us on May 7th as UUFR participates with over 600 UU congregations in the “UU White Supremacy Teach-In” You may have heard in Rev. John’s Cyber Pulpit, in one of my posts here on Facebook, or in conversation in multiple spaces online or at UUFR that over 500 UU congregations, and more every day, … Continued

“In Case of Emergency”

We all hope that we’ll never have to deal with an emergency (heart attack, tornado, fire, intruder, etc.) here at UUFR but we need to be prepared for emergencies and being prepared means everyone knowing what to do in case of emergency. Please take a few minutes to read and download and save these instructions … Continued

“Heart & Soul” Discernment Report

Thanks to everyone who participated in the “Heart & Soul” congregational discernment process over the past ten months. Please take a few minutes to read our report on the process and what we learned about the “heart and soul” of UUFR, who we are, whose we are, our mission, and our vision for our shared religious community. … Continued

An Exciting Announcement from Your Board

The email the Board had been waiting for arrived from UUFR President-Elect Robin Banker on Monday, April 17 at 10:10 p.m.  While all Board-related emails are exciting to receive, this one held special importance. It was the results of the Developmental Ministry Advisory Team search, and they had news to share. Attached to Robin’s email … Continued

Families Gallery

Most of us would say that our family is our highest priority in life. The family that loves and supports us can be a patchwork and mixture of cultures. At UUFR we appreciate Family in all of its assorted forms. Visit our Member’s Gallery and get to know many UUFR families.

Join a new after-Sunday service Covenant Group

Covenant groups are a great way to form close relationships with a small group of other UUs, through intentional listening and deep sharing.  A new group, led by Kathleen Bardin, is forming and will be meeting monthly after the Sunday service (and will eat lunch together). Fill out the information survey here, or contact Sandy … Continued

Resignation of UUA President

Here’s a link to on-line UU World article regarding the resignation today (March 30, 2017) of UUA President Peter Morales.

Creating Safe Space @ UUFR

The Healthy Congregation Committee (HCC) periodically reviews and updates the UUFR policies we have developed to ensure they remain viable and relevant to the needs of our congregation. Updates have recently been made to the Safe Congregation Policy to more clearly address any risk of abuse if and when we encounter this in our UUFR … Continued

Celebrating Easter & Passover @ UUFR

Intergenerational Easter Communion Service Join us for UUFR’s annual intergenerational UU Easter Communion service (with non-alcoholic and gluten-free options) for all Unitarian Universalists—children, youth, adults, families, Christian, theists, humanist, pagan, atheist, Buddhist, Jewish, skeptics, seekers, and agnostics. Sunday, April 16, 2017, 10:00 – 10:30 am, UUFR Sanctuary. Led by Rev. John L. Saxon and Kathryn Reis. Visitors, … Continued

Discerning Our Future: Our Hopes, Dreams, and Vision

Our fourth (and final) series of “Heart & Soul” congregational discernment conversations focuses on our individual and collective hopes, dreams, and vision for our shared religious community–what we want to be and become, how we might need to change and grow to make our hopes and dreams real, what we want (and need) to hold onto, and … Continued