Furniture Available in the UUFR Office

UUFR currently has two pieces of office furniture “up for grabs” in the Volunteer Office. The pieces — a walnut-finished credenza and a glass-topped desk — can be yours if you wish. A donation to UUFR would be appreciated but is not mandatory. Come, take … read more.

UUFR’s Race & Culture Book Club

UUFR’s Race & Culture Book Clubs is reading Michael Eric Dyson’s 2017 essay: Tears We Cannot Stop: A Sermon to White America. — “The time is at hand for reckoning with the past, recognizing the truth of the present, and moving together to redeem the nation … read more.

Coming of Age Service Project

Many thanks to the Coming of Age class for beautifying the planting area outside the sanctuary on the upper side. Weeding, trimming, a LOT of mulching and a few flowers were truly transformational! Participants were Isabella Portorti, Derek Mahato, Andrea Soo-Hoo, Isobel Kirchenbaum, Marathon Trunnell, … read more.

Proposed UUFR Budget for next year

The UUFR FY2020 budget will be voted on at the annual meeting on June 9th. In preparation, the Board is presenting this information for your consideration. As noted last week there will be three discussions on the proposed budget: May 26th after service, May 29th … read more.

UUFR Foundation Grant

The UUFR Foundation has $12,000 available for disbursement. The Foundation board is seeking one time grant proposals from UUFR members. Each proposal will require a staff or UUFR board member sponsor. Funded projects could be for capital investments, seed money for new UUFR groups or … read more.

Love Wins: May 22 in Raleigh

UUFR will provide a chicken & rice casserole lunch on May 22 at Love Wins Community Engagement Center in Raleigh. We still need two more pans or one crock pot of chicken & rice casserole and eight more lbs. of broccoli salad. To sign up … read more.

Members Gallery

Our Members Gallery (just outside the sanctuary) now has on display 25 beautiful paintings by Barbara Hinkel. They include watercolors, acrylics, and alcohol ink. Twenty-five percent of sales will go to UUFR.