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Strategic Planning Update

Jim Yocom, President Elect

UUFR’s strategic planning efforts will soon move into high gear!

A “strategic plan” is a document that helps the Board and management identify its priorities so that it can fulfill its mission effectively. In a religious organization, a strategic plan helps … read more.

ARM and DEIB: What’s the Difference?

Both ARM and DEIB committees engage UUFR members in activities that lead to greater awareness of and commitment to anti-racist social justice.

ARM is the Anti-Racism Ministry Team that is under the Justice Council and oversees UUFR’s anti-racism activities and education programs. ARM is the driving … read more.

New Committee of the Board

As reported UUFR’s congregational meeting in December 2021, the Board has created a new committee of the Board called the Racial Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) Committee. Jerri Meisner is the current chair of the team, which includes Diann Irwin, John McLain, Danna Mattocks, … read more.

Updated COVID-19 Rules

Our Updated COVID-19 Rules

·       All individuals over the age of two must be masked when entering any UUFR building. N95 masks are available at the doors.

·       Only vaccinated individuals are allowed inside the Sanctuary.

·       Programming for children and youth ages five and older resumes this Sunday, February 20. … read more.

Mid-Year Review of UUFR Finances

Paul Groves, Treasurer

Hello, this is Paul Groves, your Treasurer at UUFR. As you probably know, I always publish a brief review of our church finances on a quarterly basis in the UUFR Chalice. Since we passed the midpoint in our church fiscal year in December 2021, I now … read more.

Change to Committee Terms

Some of you well-respected, responsible and generous members of UUFR may be getting a phone call in the near future. A fellow UUFR member will be calling to offer you a deal — a chance to serve on a UUFR committee. And before you send … read more.