What Is MyUUFR?

“MyUUFR” is a secure on-line application that can be used by Fellowship members and friends to

  • make one-time or recurring contributions to UUFR via credit card, debit card, or bank draft;
  • view a history of their contributions to UUFR; and
  • update their address, phone number, email address, personal and family photo, and other information about themselves and their families in our membership database.

How to Use MyUUFR

  • Anyone can use MyUUFR to make one-time or recurring contributions to UUFR without creating a MyUUFR account.
  • Members and friends must create a MyUUFR account to view their giving history and update their personal and family information.
  • When you create a MyUUFR account, don’t forget to save your MyUUFR user name and password.
  • Once you’ve created your MyUUFR account, we’ll sync it with the information in the UUFR database within two business days.

If you have questions about MyUUFR or need assistance, please contact the Fellowship’s Connections Coordinator (Kathie McCutcheon) by email or phone (919 781 7635).

Create Your MyUUFR Account

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