FY 2020-2021 Generosity Campaign


Growing Together

Thanks to the generosity of those who came before us, we are now part of a vibrant congregation that is not only growing within, but out into the wider world. As we turn our efforts to the future, think what a difference your generosity can make in helping us to do justice and put our values into action.

Growing Strong

Your generosity last year enabled us to meet our key goals of supporting our family ministry, music program and social justice initiatives – all despite unexpected difficulties. In fact, we had the second most successful Generosity Campaign in UUFR history. This strong show of commitment allowed us to move forward with an experienced developmental minister and to continue making progress towards fulfilling our mission.

Let’s keep the momentum going!

Our Board and Rev. James have developed congregational goals to carry us into the future as a thriving force for good in the world. These are the budget priorities you will help support with your generosity this year:

  1. Continue funding for all of the ministries and programs that are already making a difference in the lives of our members and larger community.
  2. As befits a congregation of our size, hire a membership director to help us integrate new members into the life of the congregation and facilitate the participation of more of our existing members – as well as our children and youth.
  3. Join ONE Wake, the community organizing network now being formed in Wake County. The dues for joining ONE Wake are ½ of 1 percent of our operating budget this year and 1% the following year.

“After 20 years of ministry and the experience of working with dozens of congregations, I have rarely come across a congregation with as much potential as UUFR. It has the potential to create a truly vibrant community within its own walls and the potential to make a huge difference in the larger world. I’m looking forward to helping UUFR fulfill its potential, and I hope all of you who are members and friends of UUFR will partner with me to do so through your generosity. Wake County and our world need a thriving Unitarian Universalist congregation in Raleigh now more than ever before.” – – Rev. James


How do I decide on my pledge?

Use the Fair Share Guide to get you started, but mostly let your heart be your guide. You should be proud of whatever contribution you make to further our mission, and if you are able to “step up” to the next level, we will be able to do that much more, that much faster.

How do I fulfill my pledge?

Contributions may be made annually, quarterly, monthly or weekly. If you
have online banking, please consider setting up automatic monthly pledge
payments. Consistent, monthly contributions support the regular, ongoing operation of the Fellowship.

Pledge payments can be made using one of the following methods:
• Credit card
• Electronic bank transfer
• Transfer of securities
• Check (mail to UUFR or place in collection basket.)
• Cash (Use contribution envelope and place in collection basket.)
• Click the “Give Now” button on the UUFR web
UFR is vital to attracting and retaining


Our mission is to build a Unitarian Universalist community that transforms lives and empowers people to serve the world.

Thank you for supporting our mission with your generous pledge!


Campaign Goals
$600,000 in pledges
100% of members pledged

Campaign Calendar
February 2: Kick off Sunday
February 3-March 2: Generosity Circles
March 30: Deadline for completed pledges so budget creation can begin
April 21: Board finalizes budget for congregational approval
May: Annual Meeting – Congregation votes on 2020-2021 budget