In our 59-year history UUFR has become a vibrant congregation of over 500 members committed to creating a beloved community and supporting all who join us to follow their paths to spiritual and intellectual growth. We are committed to actualizing our principles of respecting the worth and dignity of every individual and protecting the natural world that sustains us.

Now more than ever we live in challenging times. A selfish and inhumane political culture, fragmented bonds of community, growing economic inequality, and looming environmental crises can draw us toward discouragement and withdrawal. That is why:

Now more than ever:   

We need UUFR.

The larger community needs UUFR.  

Now more than ever:   

UUFR needs each of us for the work of strengthening the bonds of our church community and fulfilling our mission: To build a Unitarian Universalist community that transforms lives and empowers people to serve the world.

The UUFR Board has identified three areas of greatest need for the next year

  • Completing long deferred maintenance.
  • Support and training for professional staff and volunteers,
  • Increasing our presence and visibility in the larger community.

The work of UUFR is done with the energy, passion, and commitment of many members. Along with this human capital, financial resources are necessary to foster our own community and to reach beyond our walls to meet the many challenges looming before us all.

Our campaign goals for 2018-19 are: $609,000 in pledged commitments and 325 households (100%) participation


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