What Is the UU Chalice Lighter Program?205_chalice-lighter

The UU Chalice Lighter Program supports the growth of Unitarian Universalism by awarding grants to UU congregations help them

  • call their first minister or hire their first time religious education professional, music director, volunteer coordinator, or other professional staff;
  • purchase a building or land, construct a new building, or renovate their existing building;
  • erect new signage or engage in other projects to increase visibility;
  • develop new innovative programming for children, youth, or adults;
  • create new web sites, broadcast, podcast, or video stream worship services; or develop innovative advertising, marketing, or community relations and outreach programs;
  • encourage inter-congregational coordination, collaboration, and sharing;
  • support the development of new satellite or branch congregations;
  • increase diversity within the congregation; and
  • develop other programs or projects that support the growth of Unitarian Universalism.

How Does It Work?

No more than three times each year, a Chalice Lighter “call” describing an approved grant request for a congregation is sent to UUs who have pledge to support the Chalice Lighter program by giving $15, $25, or $50 when asked. By pooling Chalice Lighter contributions from UUs across the southeast, the Chalice Lighter program has been able to provide substantial (over $20,000) grants to congregations whose applications for assistance are approved.

On-line Pledge Form
Printable Pledge Form/Brochure

Payment Mailing Address:

Chalice Lighters—[Southeast District]
PO Box 560246
Orlando, Florida 32856