These guidelines are facilitative rather than prescriptive. Each family has unique needs and resources. The attached table will assist in establishing a pledge amount that fits your capacity and your involvement in the UUFR community.

The process is as follows:

1. Identify a baseline income. Your Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) on your IRS Form 1040 is one starting point. For many salaried individuals net or take home pay is another valid benchmark.


2. Factor in your unique situation and circumstances:

  1. SUBTRACT unusual expenses including but not limited to, education, medical expenses, eldercare, extra ordinary financial burdens, etc
  2. ADD additional sources of income: inheritance, business income, investment returns, unique windfall income, etc.
  3. The resulting baseline is your Fair Share starting point.


3. Move to the Fair Share Table. Identify your income level in the first two columns. Move right across that row for suggested giving levels.

The three levels of commitment are meant to help you balance your capacity to give with your engagement in UUFR. The suggested percentage is progressive as income rises.


      • Each pledge, regardless of amount, sustains our community on a spiritual as well as material level.
      • Your pledge is a good faith commitment not a binding contract.  For any of us circumstances may change from foreseen or unforeseen events. For any of us, capacity may decrease (or increase) during the year.
      • If you do make changes in your financial contribution please keep us informed.