New excitement and energy as well as spirited work is moving UUFR toward a culture of abundance. No element of our ministries embodies this change more than your response to our 2018 Generosity Campaign. As you can see in the table below, we have reached 80% of our monetary goals and have increased our pledging by 13% compared to last year at the same point in the campaign. These are encouraging results.




Our progress on pledging households lags behind our progress on financial goals. Each pledge is crucial for two reasons.  Along with the obvious need to fund our programs, each pledge is a spiritual and moral commitment. Each pledge, of any size, broadens the spiritual foundation that grounds our ministries. We need spirit, as much as money to nurture ourselves and reach out to the community around us in these challenging times.Thanks to so many of you for already stepping up. Those who pledged both last year and this year have increased their giving by more than 18%. Our goals of $609,000 and 325 committed households are within reach. But we are not there yet.

In early April our leaders will begin formulating a church budget based on the success of this campaign. When we reach our goals, we will have resources to strengthen our community and carry a culture of abundance into the next church year.

If you have yet to pledge please make the most generous commitment possible. Working together we there is no limit to what we can accomplish, and the world needs a strong, vital, vibrant UUFR advancing our shared values in NC.






Generosity to Our World 

March 8, 2018

Campaign Update: We have pledges of $447.469 (73% of our goal of $609,000). With 168 households (51% of goal, we’re lagging a bit in reaching full participation. We need all to pledge for a strong UUFR.

“I’m a reasonable, stable, middle-class, middle-of-the-road patriotic American … who just happens to be religiously, socially and politically liberal …AND who happens to be appalled by  the deterioration of our democracy… the erosion of our civil liberties… the carnal misogyny and homophobia that’s tolerated every day in our society… the gradual bankrupting of our nation… the systematic betrayal of our country’s values… increasing indifference to state-sanctioned violence both in this country and abroad…and the rise of racist rhetoric and policies in the halls of government.”

-Reverend Justin Osterman, “Must I Be an Activist?”, January 21, 2018

These words resonate with many of us. The direction of our country since the 2016 election has sparked a new passion for change. New members speak of finding refuge, acceptance and community at UUFR. Others tell stories of a renewed spirit toward collective action.

Political action is but one avenue. There are myriad ways we can participate – as a Welcoming Congregation, in voter advocacy, anti-racism, or by direct service to the homeless and other marginalized groups.

For Christina Stableford, a lifelong UU, Social Action is a calling. She believes that the “justice gene” is embedded in her DNA.  Active since the Vietnam war, she states:

“Participation in the UUFR community keeps me more closely in touch with my own inherent capacity for empathy, and empathy in action looks like Justice to me.

Every UUFR member, and every pledge to the UUFR community, represents a single ‘candle in the darkness.’ When we join together in common cause, we create a broad and healing light in an often-dark world.”

In the next year, there will be more opportunities to engage. Your generous support through the Generosity Campaign will help us keep moving, “Forward together, not one step back!”




Generosity: Paying it Forward

March 1, 2018

Campaign Update: We’ve received $371,641 from 122 households. This is 38% of our goal of 100% participation by 325 families. Remember, every pledge strengthens our community!

Each Sunday we sing to the children as they head downstairs to Religious Exploration (RE) activities. If asked, we’re proud of our youth programming. But many of us without school age children don’t give it much thought.

When we do take notice, we see a large RE program for a church of our size with 80 – 95 weekly participants. Tryst Chagnon, our RE Director, and 5 part time assistants ride herd on the adult and high school volunteers who conduct the classes as well as Our Whole Lives sexuality education and youth groups.

RE has an impact on the future of our church and our world second to no other UUFR ministry. In today’s society elected leaders model bullying and hypocrisy Where else will children find peer support and adults who model and teach humane values and principles?

Here is one example of what we provide:

Kathryn Reis joined UUFR several years ago because she wanted her daughters: Seneca, now 7, and Lorna, 2 ½, to begin forming friendships and sharing values with children who could be part of their lives through high school and beyond. Seneca learns UU principles through verbal lessons but most importantly through age appropriate service projects.

As has Kathryn, many parents bring their young ones to UUFR knowing that the children need a beloved community to thrive and develop values and sense of self. They will one day need this home base as they navigate the troubled waters of our culture and politics.

So when you consider your financial commitment to UUFR, think of Seneca, Lorna, and the other children who skip out of the sanctuary toward their RE classes after the Story for All Ages. Now More than Ever they need your support.




Now More Than Ever – We Need Community

February 21, 2018

Campaign Update: We have received $295,718 in pledges from 78 Households.  

Community means strength that joins our strength to do the work that needs to be done.  Arms to hold us when we falter. A circle of healing. A circle of friends. Someplace where we can be free.   –Starhawk

Our beloved UUFR community provides connection, support and healing. Whether we’re walking in the door for the first or for the thousandth time, we are met with welcome, warmth and fellowship.

Each Sunday the services, the sermon, and the music give us strength to move forward. But this fellowship doesn’t only occur on Sunday mornings. There are opportunities to connect every day of the week.  Support and affinity groups share experiences and reduce the sense of isolation. Members reach out to others in need.                                    

The Ministry of Music (MOM) Singers are but one example of care and connection. These UUFR volunteers visit homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities to share familiar songs with members and friends who are ill, recovering from surgery or facing other life challenges. As Athena Tracy said about a visit during her convalescence:

“It’s so clear that music makes all the difference in the world. When I was first asked if I was interested in having the MOMs over I thought to myself ‘I’m stuck at home (after knee surgery), I’m not really sick.’ But what a breath of fresh air hearing the singing and the music.”

Yes, we have many active members and volunteers. But none of this can happen without generous contributions through our pledges. By meeting or exceeding our financial goals we can provide the spaces, programs and staff we need to keep growing. Please give generously.

The Generosity Team






February 14, 2018

Commitment to Our Future

Our Generosity Campaign has begun well.  We have received commitments for nearly $185,000 toward our goal of $609,000 from 34 pledgers (10.4% of our goal of 100% participation) since we began. While this is encouraging, let’s remember that UUFR’s health as a community depends on many more commitments.  We still need 291 members and friends to generously pledge their support.

Rev. Justin offered an inspiring message on Commitment at our Kick Off Service.  Several of his key points bear repeating:

First, a commitment to UUFR is a commitment not only to this congregation but to the future of our families, or faith, and our values.

Second, now more than ever that future is threatened by a political and social culture increasingly driven by and fear, xenophobia, racism, corruption, and greed.

Third, the world needs liberal religion and UUFR as a refuge and a solid ground to stand on as we lift up our values

Fourth, we certainly need generous financial commitments to sustain us. But most importantly, it is our acts of commitment, not the size of our pledges which creates and sustains our community. No one need feel shame for a small pledge

Fifth, give until it makes you smile!  That’s confusing???  Click the sermon link below.

To view Rev. Justin’s sermon, Commitment click HERE.




February 9, 2018

Our Generosity Campaign begins on Sunday Feb. 11th. Please come to the Kick Off Service and the reception following.

Excitement is building at UUFR. Our Sanctuary is crowded for Sunday Service. Sparks of energy burn throughout the week at Wellspring educational programs, Covenant groups, and social justice and diversity initiatives.

To match our energy with an abundance of resources your leadership has set goals of commitments from 325 active households and $609,000 in pledges.

As in other areas at UUFR, we are doing some new things this year.

  • Most of us will receive a mailing on Monday containing our pledge cards and messages from Rev. Dr. Osterman and the leadership.
  • Please review the materials which highlights how UUFR enriches the lives of our members. The fair share guidelines also provide a context for balancing your resources and ability to pledge with your engagement and commitment to UUFR.
  • If you do not receive mailing you are one of about 100 families who will receive a personal visit from a volunteer Visiting Steward. Each year, on a rotating basis, we are offering about 1/3 of our households a personal visit. Generosity is about community and connection more than about filling out pledge cards. The visits are a way of making these connections and starting conversations. Some friendships have begun during these calls.
  • When your Steward calls please agree to meet with him or her at a mutually convenient time. They have offered their time and energy and extended themselves to reach out to you. If you so choose, the Steward will accept your competed pledge card.

$609,000 is an ambitious goal.  Achieving it depends on each of us considering the value of UUFR in our lives and matching that value with as much of an increase in our commitment as possible.

Watch the Chalice, our Facebook pages and our improved website for information and developments.

The Generosity Team

[email protected]






Generosity flows into and out of UUFR 52 weeks a year. We nurture ourselves and others less fortunate with meals and fellowship. We support and participate in moving Sunday services. We offer a spiritual foundation to our youth and adult members through youth programming, Covenant Groups, and Wellspring. We stand with the disenfranchised seeking a more just society. Perhaps most importantly, we support each other with countless, often unremarked upon, acts of kindness and friendship

Acts of generosity are priceless. However, the foundation that supports them: our physical environment, the materials we consume, and the time and professional development of our ministers and dedicated staff all have a cost.

Each February we focus on gathering your commitments to pay the financial price of enabling these priceless gifts.

This year our Generosity Campaign: Now More than Ever will begin on February 11th

We will be lifting up both the ways our generosity serves our congregation and the world as well as the ways that your financial generosity is a spiritual act.

Watch this space, the UUFR website, and Facebook pages!

There is more to come.


The Generosity Team