Our Need for Feedback

UUFR’s leadership, including the board and the lead minister, wants to hear from members of UUFR as well as visitors to UUFR about their experience of the congregation. We believe hearing both positive and negative feedback helps us improve in our ability to fulfill our congregation’s mission and vision.

We regularly solicit feedback from members and visitors in many ways, including through town-hall-style meetings, staff evaluations, and Loop Groups facilitated by the Committee on Ministry.

However, we also realize that members and friends of the congregation may want to offer feedback at other times. The purpose of our feedback form, the link to which is below, is to help you do that.

Important Information for Filling out the Feedback Form

Here is some important information about filling out the form.

No Anonymous Feedback

The form asks you to provide your name, email, and phone number. You can’t submit the form without providing this information. Anonymous feedback is not accepted.

Before Filling Out the Form

The form also asks you, “Have you already spoken directly to any individual or group involved in the issue regarding which you are providing feedback before filling out this form?”

UUFR’s leadership strongly encourages you to do so before filling out this form unless you feel unsafe doing so. Even after doing so, you may still want to fill out this form for any of the following reasons:

  •   The issue was not resolved satisfactorily.
  •   This issue was resolved satisfactorily, but you still want UUFR’s leadership to know about it. (This might be whether you are providing positive or negative feedback.)
  •   You don’t know who you should talk to.

Different Kinds of Feedback: Preference, Performance, or Policy

The form also asks you to say whether the feedback you are providing is regarding a “preference,” somebody’s “performance,” or “a policy.”

Feedback about preferences is feedback about things you like or don’t like. Here are some examples of feedback that would count as a preference:

  • “I really like the new features on the website.”
  •  “I think we didn’t sing Hymn #123 so often during our worship services.”
  •  “I wish we sang Hymn #123 more often during out worship services.”
  •  “I don’t like the color of the wall in the downstairs women’s restroom.”
  •  “I wish we had more opportunities for children, youth, and adults to be together socially.”
  • “I wish we had a support group for vegetarians.”

Feedback about performance is about how well the staff, the board, a committee, a team, or a volunteer is performing their job.

Policies at UUFR usually are about safety and well being. Feedback about policies is whether  anybody at UUFR has violated one of its existing policies. You can find UUFR’s existing policies here. If you have had a conflict with another member and you think UUFR’s “Unacceptable Conduct” policy has been violated, you could use this form to report this.

Feedback about policies might also include positive or negative feedback about an existing policy or a suggestion about the need to create a policy to address a particular situation.

Follow Up

The form also asks you whether you want somebody to follow up with you regarding the issue for which you are providing feedback or whether no follow up is desired.

How Your Feedback Will Be Shared

Finally, the form asks you to acknowledge that the information you provide may be shared, as necessary, with other lay leaders or staff, or in certain circumstances, if legally necessary, with individuals outside of UUFR. (If you need to provide confidential feedback about a sensitive matter, you should contact either the board president or Rev. James directly.)

What happens after you fill out the form? The information you provide is sent to both the board president and Rev. James. Depending on what kind of feedback you have provided and what you have requested regarding follow up, one of them will either follow up with you directly or, if appropriate, designate somebody else to follow up with you.

Link to the Form

The link to the feedback form is here.