UUFR’s lifespan religious exploration programs support the ethical, social, and spiritual growth of children, youth, and adults in our ongoing search for truth and meaning, religious exploration, personal transformation, and living our faith through acts of kindness, compassion, justice, and love.

We believe that faith is the lifelong process of perfecting the art of loving ourselves, others, and the world. How we are together is central to this work and forming deep connections both with peers and across generations is the cornerstone of our faith development. Through learning, inquiry, reflection, and service we build our unique framework of personal values and align our lives with them.

We strive to be a welcoming community of committed lifespan learners who actively engage in defining our personal values and living into them. We envision programs that support meaningful relationships across generations, nurture the marginalized or struggling among us, challenge us to grow into our best selves, and call us into leadership and service in our congregation and our community.

We work to fulfill this vision by

  • offering lifespan religious exploration programs that explore core Unitarian Universalist values;
  • encouraging participation in immersion programs and retreats;
  • making space for small group ministry programs in which the same small group has multiple meetings and deep relationships are cultivated;
  • initiating or sustaining cross-generational mentoring relationships, learning, worship and activities;
  • ensuring our programs and activities are radically welcoming of all participants, and that each of us honor the divine in one another; and
  • connecting members of all ages with opportunities to lead and to serve both within our congregation and our community.

UUFR’s lifespan religious exploration program is led by the Fellowship’s Director of Religious Exploration, Tryst Chagnon, working with the Fellowship’s Sunday school coordinator, youth group coordinator, Sunday school teachers, ministers, lay leaders, and Fellowship members, parents, and families.

Explore these pages to learn more about our Sunday school program for children, youth groups, Our Whole Lives sexuality education program, Coming of Age program, Wednesday Wellspring programs, Sunday morning forum, and other faith development and religious education programs for children, youth, and adults.