UUFR follows a ‘collaborative ministry’ model in which councils work collaboratively with professional staff members to plan, implement, and assess programs within each area of ministry.  The Education Ministry Council (EMC) works directly with the Director of Religious Education in support of lifespan Religious Education and strives to align our programs with UUFR’s vision and mission, with an eye to the ‘big picture’.  Council members serve as liaisons to ministry teams supporting programs under the Education Ministry umbrella, serve as ambassadors for faith formation programs, and assist with volunteer recruitment and support.

Council members serve for a minimum of 2 years, with an ideal commitment of 3-5 years. New council members shall be recruited each year in early spring and shadow an established council member for six months before beginning their term the following fall. Current council members are (as pictured): Amy Gilbert, Amber Nimocks, Amanda Height, Tryst Chagnon, Renee Charbonneau, and Deanna Alfaro,

The Education Ministry Council has set the priorities for the spring of 2016 of putting ministry teams to support Sunday School programs and Summer activities for children (during our worship service) in place and to improve communication about and volunteer support of our Education Ministry Programs.  Second-tier goals include establishing a ministry team supporting Wellspring programs, increasing opportunities for cross-generational relationships to form, and augmenting small group ministry and immersion experiences offered to our members.

The council’s vision is that members of UUFR will form deep, meaningful friendships and connections across generations and that they will engage actively in the work of defining their personal values and living into them through their participation in Education Ministry programs.

Their mission is to plan, implement, and support lifespan programming that incorporates inter-generational activities, small group ministry, education about core Unitarian Universalist values, engagement in social justice work, and immersion experiences.

Current Education Ministry programs at UUFR include Sunday School, Middle and High School Youth Groups, Coming of Age, Wellspring, First Hour, Youth Group Retreats, Our Whole Lives Sexuality Education, Inter-generational events, and our Teen Assistant Leadership Program.  We also play a supportive or sponsoring role in the emerging Spiral Scouts program, Cross-generational circle dinners, and coordinated trips to youth conferences (CONs) at The Mountain.