Beginning this year we will be utilizing an exciting new program entitled Soul Matters. Soul Matters is a theme based UU spiritual deepening program for whole communities across the ages. It is currently being used in many congregations in our movement and we are very excited to implement it here at UUFR.

Each week children will have an opportunity to worship, to build community, to participate in meaningful service and learn about Unitarian Universalism. Occasionally the children will join the adults in sanctuary for Intergenerational Worship time, which gives children a chance to worship with their parents and be connected to the whole community.

The program is worship centered which means that children participate in worship every week. We are moving away from calling the groups “classes” and calling our program an “education” program. Our children will absolutely learn about Unitarian Universalism while participating in the ministry program; however our emphasis is teaching through worship, singing, community and service. Our program is experiential and worshipful.

This year we will exploring What Does it Mean to Be a People of :

September: Expectation
October: Belonging
November: Attention
December: Awe
January: Integrity
February: Resilience
March: Wisdom
April: Liberation
May: Thresholds
​June: Play

uufr religious exploration


Families with younger children are welcome to use the Fellowship’s Wiggle Room located at the back of the Sanctuary, the Play Church area at the front of the sanctuary, or to sit together in the Sanctuary during our Sunday morning worship service.

Alternatively, free child care for infants and toddlers (up through age two) is available by experienced child care assistants and a volunteer team of Fellowship members in the Nursery Room (located on the lower level of Fellowship Hall) during services.


Children that are 3-4 years old or not yet in Kindergarten will be exploring the same theme as the older children but in an age appropriate way while incorporating a Montessori teaching approach. Children in this age category should be brought directly to their classroom in Lower Peace Hall prior to service.


Each Sunday we explore the theme of the month beginning in children’s worship in Founder’s Hall. The theme is the same for all ages but the stories and activities are geared to each age group. Worship will last approximately 15 minutes and then children will be led by their circle leaders to their assigned meeting rooms for activities and discussion.

Parents should pick up children from their assigned meeting rooms after service. We are excited that this program will allow all siblings to experience the same theme that is integrated across the ages. We hope this will facilitate conversations at the dinner table and allow for deeper connections.


Parents will be able to easily share what happens on Sunday mornings during the month with their children  All the children in the family from Pre-K to High School will be exploring the same theme during the month.

Parents will receive and have access to a Soul Matters packet on the theme at the beginning of the month. In this way, the whole family is experiencing church together.


(Except Intergenerational Services)

Gathering Time (5-10 minutes before the service): Children (K-10th Grades only) will be given name tags, be signed in, dropped off and gather in their Circles in Founder’s Hall.

Worship and Circle Time (15-20 minutes): may Include chalice lighting, music, meditation, offering and a story. This is when the lesson and story for the week is shared.

Activities (30-45 minutes): After Worship, children will be led to their assigned meeting rooms by their Circle Leaders. Children will share joys and concerns and participate in activities that extend the story and theme of the week.

On Sundays, Children’s and Youth Ministry will be divided into the following Learning Circles:

•PRESCHOOL-PreK (Children aged 3 and 4) Drop off before service to Peace Hall, Dorothea Dix

•LOWER ELEMENTARY-K-2nd Grades, Peace Hall- Thomas Jefferson

•UPPER ELEMENTARY– 3rd-5th Grades, Peace Hall-Emerson

•MIDDLE SCHOOL– 6th-8th Grades, Peace Hall-Clara Barton

•JUNIOR YOUTH– 9-10th Grades Teen Cave

•BUILDER’S CLUB*-1st-5th Grades Peace Hall-Beatriz Potter

*An advanced registration, special opt-in class for students who do better with hands-on and self-directed work. The core curriculum of Builder’s Club is affirming children who have difficulty with the traditional classroom setting. Please email [email protected] to inquire about placement in this circle.


It is vital that all families register each child, every year. Registration allows us to maintain accurate emergency contact and medical information, better plan for programming (supplies, staffing etc), have accurate budget needs data and insure that you are signed up to receive information of interest to parents, children and families.

New families are welcome to join our programming on Sundays as guests three times before officially registering for classes. Exceptions include the OWL (Our Whole Lives) and COA (Coming Of Age) programs which require special advanced registration, regular attendance and a mandatory parent orientation.

Visitors are required to fill out a one page Visitor’s Form when dropping off their children. After three visits, guests will be asked to complete the formal, more detailed registration form.

There is no fee or tuition required to participate in our Children’s Ministry program. This program, like other core church programs, is funded by the generous giving of members through annual pledges to the church operating budget. In addition, the program receives support from dedicated volunteers from all corners of the church community.

Please consider supporting this and other UUFR programs through your own time, talents and financial resources.



All parents with children registered in the Family Ministry program are strongly encouraged to volunteer in some capacity. We have many opportunities inside or outside of the classroom. It takes a village to have a strong, engaging program and we ask that you consider volunteering during the school year. Non-parents and all members of the congregation are also welcome to volunteer within our Family Ministry program and share your unique gifts.



Join our UUFR Parents Community Group page on Facebook! It’s a great place to learn about family relevant events, announcements and more.