What’s New This Year?

Lots! We are excited to introduce a new theme based spiritual deepening multi-aged ministry program that is used in over 200 Unitarian Universalist congregation entitled Soul Matters. It means that all ages –children, youth and parents — explore a common theme each month.

Soul Matters is an antidote to the very unspiritual times we are living in. It takes seriously our need for the 3 “S”s — silence, sunshine and service. Our lives are full of din, spent inside, focused on achievement. We are hungry for quiet, for nature and for doing for others. There is a 4th “S” — silliness. Soul Matters is fun and there is plenty of laughter, along with the other “S”s.

Children and Youth (K through 10th grades) meet in a Soul Matters Sharing Circle each week with their classmates for worship in Founder’s Hall and then adjourn to their assigned meeting spaces for activities which explore and engage the theme of the month. Preschool children will also explore the theme but will be reporting directly to their classroom.

Parents will receive a packet each month of readings and questions on the theme as well so that they can reflect and explore the theme as their children do throughout the month.


What Themes Will the Children and Youth be Exploring This Year?

This year we will be exploring What Does it Mean to Be a People Of:

September: Expectation
October: Belonging
November: Attention
December: Awe
January: Integrity
February: Resilience
March: Wisdom
April: Liberation
May: Thresholds
​June: Play


What will the Programming Look Like for My K-10th grader?

Gathering Time (5-10 minutes): Children (K-10th Grades only) will be signed in, be given their name tag, and gather in their Circles in Founder’s Hall.

Worship and Circle Time (15-20 minutes): May include chalice lighting, music, meditation, offering and a story. This is when the lesson and story for the week is shared.

Activities (30-45 minutes): After Worship, children will be led to their assigned meeting rooms by their Circle Leaders. Children will share joys and concerns and participate in activities that extend the story and theme of the week.


What Time Does the Children’s and Youth Ministry Program Begin on Sundays?

Drop off for Children’s and Youth Ministry Programs begins at 10:50am. Please allow ample time for parking, sign in and drop off as programs begin promptly at 11:00am.


Where do I Drop Off My Child?

Preschool aged children (3’s and 4’s) should be dropped off in the Dorothea Dix room (Lower Peace Hall).

All children in K through 10th grades, will begin with check -in and Worship in Founder’s Hall.

Children aged 0-2 have access to optional Childcare in the Nursery.


Where and When do I Pick Up My Child?

All children may be picked up in the following locations directly after service ends but not before Learning Circles conclude with the extinguishing of the Chalice at 12:05PM.

Preschool (3’s and 4’s)-Dorothea Dix Room (Lower Peace Hall)

Lower Elementary (K-2nd)-Thomas Jefferson (Lower Peace Hall)

Upper Elementary (3rd-5th)-Ralph Waldo Emerson (Lower Peace Hall)

Builder’s Club (1st-5th)-Beatrix Potter (Lower Peace Hall)

Middle School Youth (6th-8th Grade)-Clara Barton (Upper Peace Hall)

High School Jr. Youth (9th-10th Grade)-Teen Cave (Lower Fellowship Hall)


How Much Does it Cost For My Child to Participate?

There is no fee or tuition required to participate in our Children’s Ministry program. This program, like other core church programs, is funded by the generous giving of members through annual pledges to the church operating budget. Families are expected to make a financial pledge to the church as they are able.


I’m a Visitor! Can My Child Attend the Children’s and Youth Ministry Program on Sundays?

We love visitors! New families are always welcome to join our programming on Sundays as guests three times before being required to officially register for classes. Exceptions include the OWL (Our Whole Lives) and COA (Coming Of Age) programs which require special advanced registration, regular attendance and a mandatory parent orientation.

Visitors are simply required to fill out a one page Visitor’s Form when dropping off their children. After three visits, guests will be asked to complete the formal, more detailed registration form.


How Do I Volunteer My Time and Talents?

We have many opportunities for leadership and service within our Family Ministry program. Please contact [email protected] to inquire about rewarding positions available for the 2019-20 year. We strive to match our volunteers with positions that are rewarding and spiritually deepening.