The UUFR Memorial Fund was started in 1974 with gifts given following the first death of a Fellowship member, Richard Pinkerton.

Gifts to the Memorial Fund may be made in in honor of living or deceased Fellowship members, friends, family members, or others to be used by the Memorial Fund to purchase library books, hymnals, plants, furnishings, sculpture, artwork, or other projects that enhance the beauty and functionality of the Fellowship’s facilities and programs.

Although memorial gifts are traditionally given at the time of a person’s death, often in lieu of flowers as a way of showing that a person was loved and will be missed, they can also be made on the anniversary of a death, or on another date significant in the life of an individual, or in honor of a living person.

Memorial Fund projects have included purchasing the concert grand piano in the sanctuary, the bronze chalice on the front of the building, benches and granite steps in the Memorial Garden, library shelving, the sanctuary chairs, sculpture and artwork inside the building and outside on the grounds, the new Fellowship sign on Wade Avenue, the new glass doors and handicap access doors for lower Fellowship Hall, and the complete renovation and landscaping of the Memorial Garden.