UUFR is a caring community whose members provide love, nurturing, and support for each other in times of illness, grief, sorrow, crisis, despair, joy, and celebration.

Care Team & Ministers

If you or another Fellowship member or friend needs pastoral care, counseling, or support from the Fellowship’s ministers or Care Team, please

  • email Rev. Sasha Ostrom or the Care Team
  • fill out a pink Care Connections card and put it in the Care Connections box in the Fellowship Sanctuary,
  • talk with a lay pastoral listener after the Sunday worship service
  • If you are having a pastoral emergency, please call 919-637-6325 to reach a member of the Care Team.

The Fellowship’s Care Team offers care and support for Fellowship members and friends by

  • providing cooked home-delivered meals,
  • arranging transportation to Sunday services, Fellowship events, grocery/pharmacy, and medical appointments,
  • visiting members and friends who are in the hospital, living in nursing homes, or home-bound,
  • organizing receptions for memorial services,
  • sending cards of care, sympathy, and celebration.

Joys and Sorrows

Fellowship members and friends are encouraged to share their joys and sorrows in the remembrance book on Sunday mornings.


Bereavement Support Group

A support group for members and friends who have experienced a loss or anticipate one are welcome to join the Bereavement Support Group. BSG meets the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month in the Wiggle Room starting promptly at 6:45.

End-of-Life Planning

Fellowship members and friends are encouraged to plan for the end of their lives by