Rebecca Marmaduke, Secretary

My husband Ben and I have always participated in UU congregations as a couple and with our daughters, and so it was important we find a local community when we moved to the Raleigh area in 2018.  We discovered UUFR through its website, and from our first visit, we were made to feel very welcome. Soon, we knew that UUFR was going to be our spiritual home.

In other congregations back in Dallas, we had both held various leadership roles, and we always anticipated that, as we settled into our lives in North Carolina, and our careers wound down, we might take on more responsibility at UUFR. 

In October of 2020, I chose to retire from a long career in corporate communications and training, and I felt ready to apply my skills and energy at UUFR. As UUFR Board Secretary for 2021-23, I hope I can use my professional background to make information more organized, accessible, and relevant for everyone.

One of my most enriching experiences to date at the Fellowship has been working with the Legacy Task Force. Through a project called UUFR Stories, I began to capture personal histories on video by interviewing long-time members. This project has truly has become one of my favorite life experiences; knowing such inspirational people has helped me grow personally. I now consider these fine folks my family.

Outside of UUFR, I enjoy gardening, cooking, writing, reading, music, traveling, live theater, and spending time with friends and family. I also volunteer with Braver Angels of North Carolina and publish the monthly newsletter for that organization.