Updated August 25, 2021

  1. Only individuals who have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may attend indoor events and activities at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh.
  2. Everyone must wear a mask at all times inside UUFR buildings. The only exceptions are worship leaders while they are leading worship and staff members working alone inside their offices.
  3. During worship services, we will refrain from congregational signing. Participants will refrain from shaking hands or hugging. Instead of passing a collection basket for our offering, individuals may come forward an put any donations in a baskets at the front of the sanctuary.
  4. No food or drink will be served inside UUFR.
  5. Anyone, regardless of their vaccination status, can attend outdoor activities at UUFR or sponsored by UUFR. People should either stay six feet apart or wear a mask if they are more than two years old.
  6. If food is served at any outdoor activity, there must be a designated server wearing a mask and gloves.
  7. People attending an outdoor activity may briefly come inside the building, regardless of their vaccination status, to use the bathroom and should wear a mask while doing so if they are more than two years old.
  8. We will continue to livestream our worship services on YouTube and have an online Social Hour on Zoom for anyone who is not yet vaccinated or does not yet feel safe returning to in-person activities.
  9. We will continue to broadcast our worship services using a low-powered FM transmitter so that anyone may listen to the service on a car radio or on any radio while sitting outside.
  10. We will have intergenerational outdoor social activities at least twice a month to help maintain our connection with families with children too young to be vaccinated.