Speaker: Rev. James Kubal-Komoto

“Be Here Now, Mostly”

Who wants to “be here now?” We’re in the middle of pandemic, an economic meltdown, protests over ongoing systemic racism, and a nasty election. Is it still wise to try to live mindfully in the present moment?

Join us online this Sunday, September 6, at 11 … read more.

Something Easterish with Rev. James

We are living in surreal times. While the world of nature comes back to life all around us, millions around the world are suffering, and almost all of us have experienced significant change.

This morning’s service celebrates the resilience of the human spirit, our ability as … read more.

Groundhogs and Goal Posts

It’s Groundhog Day! It’s Super Bowl Sunday! It’s the halfway point between winter and spring. This morning Rev. James reflects on the pace of change and the future of the congregation.

How to Be Happy

What makes us happy in life? What doesn’t matter? How much of our happiness is up to us? What should we do if we want to be happier in 2020?