Rev. John L. Saxon (Lead Minister)

… As a Fire Exists by Burning

It’s been said that “a church exists by mission as a fire exists by burning.” What is the real mission of UUFR–our true reason for existing, not just the words of our “mission statement,” and what would we have to do to really live out our true mission as a religious community?

MLK, Moses and Me

On the night before he was assassinated, Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. said that he’d been to the mountaintop and seen the promised land even though, like Moses, he might not get there himself. Today, the promised land seems still far away. But the journey goes on–with or without MLK and with or without Moses.


Worship service and YRE classes have been CANCELLED for this Sunday, January 8. Please spread the word. Stay safe and warm!  

Sleep in Heavenly Peace

An intergenerational worship service retelling the story of the Christmas cease-fire between German and French soldiers during the First World War.

In the Flesh

The story of Christmas is the story of the “incarnation” of God–of God’s spirit putting on the “flesh and blood” of human beings and coming from heaven to earth by being born as a helpless human baby born of a human mother. How can this story be “re-imagined” by religious liberals living in the 21st century? The … Continued

Pac-Man & the Hungry Ghosts

Do you remember the 1980s video game, Pac-Man? The goal (I think) was for Pac-Man to eat all of the pac-dots in the maze. And sometimes, it seems, as though the culture in which we live thinks that the one and only goal of human beings is simply to consume more and more and more–especially … Continued

What Will You Bring to the Feast?

An intergenerational Thanksgiving worship service for all ages with music by special guest Jim Scott. What gifts will you bring to help build a welcoming, inclusive, and vibrant liberal religious community that transforms lives and serves the world? Please bring canned food for the Urban Ministries food pantry, pick up your UUSC Guest at Your Table … Continued

Whose Are We?

Rev. John L. Saxon (Lead Minister). The Quaker teacher, Douglas Steere, tells us that the ancient question “who am I?” inevitably leads to a deeper one—“whose am I?—because there is no identity outside of relationships. To ask “whose am I?” is to the extend the question far beyond our small self-absorbed selves by asking “who needs me,” “who do … Continued

Things That Go “Bump” in the Night

An intergenerational worship service celebrating the holidays of Samhain, Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, and All Souls led by Rev. John L. Saxon, Beth Ligouri, Jessica Lin, Josh Shaffer, and the Coming of Age Youth, with music by Billy Liles and Rhett and Jill McAllister. Adults and children are encouraged to wear their Halloween costumes, … Continued

We Begin Again in Love.

Rev. John L. Saxon (Lead Minister). Reflections on forgiveness, atonement, and new beginnings as we celebrate the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur.