Rev. John L. Saxon


The word “benediction” means “good words.” On his last Sunday in the pulpit, the Fellowship’s Lead Minister, Rev. John L. Saxon, will offer his “good words” and blessings to us as he bids us farewell.

Freedom From, Freedom To, Freedom For

Freedom is a core value of our liberal religious faith. True freedom, though, means more than being free to say or do whatever we please. Freedom means liberating ourselves, as well as others, from the chains that bind us to a narrow but comfortable ways of thinking and being and frees us to live and … Continued

Playing It Safe

We want–and need–to feel safe and secure in our lives, in our world, and in the religious community that is our spiritual home. But life isn’t, and can never be, 100% safe and there are times when we have to–and need to–take risks in order to live life fully, joyfully, and wholly, to grow and … Continued

Soul Searching

There are times in our lives and in the lives of a religious community when we need to take the time to step back and do some soul searching–reflecting honestly, deeply, and thoughtfully about who we are, whose we are, why we are, where our hearts, hopes, dreams, and vision is calling us, and what commitments we … Continued