Speaker: Rev. Randy Lewis

Black Summer

Years later, when we look back on the year 2020, we may recall it as the year when it all changed. It was the year when we faced a global pandemic that took hundreds of thousands of lives; we experienced a financial crisis that offset … read more.

If at First you Don’t Succeed…

Whether it is due to adversity, conflicting priorities, or a lack of clear vision, many of us live with unfulfilled dreams, unmet goals, and unrealized potential. This Sunday, let us explore how we can define our intention and renew our focus to help us to … read more.

Anatomy of Thoughts and Prayers

Many of us deal with grief and loss very differently. Today’s sermon asks us to go beyond the mere platitudes when a loss occurs to a deeper level of empathy and solidarity, one that allows for hope and healing.

Rewriting Our Stories

Stories we choose to tell ourselves have power. They can lock us up in self-pity, sorrow, and hopelessness; or they can lead us to freedom. They can contribute to the hostility and division in this world; or they can help us to be the agents … read more.

Between Peace and Freedom

With an average of 38,000 gun-related deaths and nearly 85,000 gun-related injuries annually, gun epidemic is a leading cause of premature death in the U.S. We as a people are facing a moral crisis, and our nation is at the pivotal crossroads. What will we … read more.