Speaker: Rev. Sasha Ostrom

Body & Spirit

The COVID-19 pandemic brings forth many fears and anxieties about our bodies but also reveals deep truths about who we are as human beings on this planet. How do our religious values call us to perceive and treat our bodies and the bodies of others … read more.

Holding Tight To Winter

The first day of Spring is only about a month away, and many people are looking forward to the change of the seasons. But there are many things about Winter and even some of those winter-times in our lives that are worth holding onto and … read more.

Speaking in Tongues

Unitarian Univeralism draws from many sources, including a wealth of religious, spiritual, and secular wisdom from multiple traditions from all around the world and throughout history. What does it mean to be spiritually literate in such a context? Do UUs have a “language of reverence”? … read more.

Planting the Seeds

Join us on this winter morning for a service for all ages as we look back on the passing year and look forward to the coming year.

You Are What You Eat

Join us as we explore spiritual growth and the things in our lives that not only nourish and sustain us, but help make us who we are.

The Garden of Your Soul

The Muslim poet and mystic Rumi once wrote, “Oh Lovers, Where are you going? Who are you looking for? Your beloved is right here. She lives in your own neighborhood. Her face is veiled, She hides behind screens calling for you, while you … read more.

Spring Holy Days

This intergenerational  service for all ages will explore the themes of liberation, renewal, and hope in three spring holidays that are taking place this weekend: Easter, Passover, and Earth Day. For this festive day, you are invited to wear your springtime “Sunday best”.