What is the UUFR Foundation?

The UUFR Foundation is an endowment fund. It is our savings account for the future. As families save for the future so that they can enrich their lives as well as cover unforeseen emergencies, so should the Fellowship. The Foundation is a separate corporation from UUFR, but authorized by UUFR bylaws. It has its own bylaws and Board of Directors.

What is the Foundation’s purpose?

The Foundation provides a way for us who owe so much to those who have preceded us to make a financial contribution to ensure a healthy and exciting future for those who will come after us “in one unbroken line.” It is truly for our tomorrows and permits each of us to fund a legacy.

How are the Foundation’s funds used?

The Foundation’s bylaws provide that earnings from UUFR Foundation Fund will be used to finance the UUFR facilities, to enrich our programs, and to help meet the needs and purposes that are outside the operating expenses of the UUFR.

  • Spending the Fund’s principal is not permitted without the unanimous consent of the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the UUFR Board of Directors. If such consent is given, use of principal is limited to 25% of the net worth of the unrestricted assets of the Foundation at the beginning of the year in which the distribution is made.
  • The Foundation cannot give funds to UUFR for its operating budget. However, funds can be used to make interest bearing loans to UUFR that could be used in the event of an operating shortfall.
  • All members and staff are eligible to submit a grant application.
    • To apply for a grant, please use this webform or contact one of the members of the Foundation Board: https://uufrfoundation.wufoo.com/forms/q1imj8790oqv3ih/.
    • All grants should be sponsored by UUFR staff or a UUFR Board member.
    • Grant requests should be for one-time funding (no recurring bills or maintenance).

Who manages the Foundation?

The UUFR Foundation is managed by seven Directors. Six are selected by the UUFR Board of Directors. The seventh member is a member of the UUFR Board of Directors. The Foundation Directors, who must be UUFR members, function under bylaws and articles of incorporation established by the Foundation Board.

Director   Role Phone
Robert Sundstrom President 919-460-5790
Joe Williams Vice-President 919-244-5380
Bill MacMillan Treasurer 919-650-1296
Rebecca Mayhew Secretary 919-272-6086
Diane Chen Board Representative 919-264-0423
John McLain 717-965-5366
Becky Harper 919-604-1700

How can you give?

Gifts can be made to the Foundation by:

  • Naming the UUFR Foundation as a beneficiary to receive money, stock, real estate (a house or land), or other property under you will;
  • Naming the UUFR Foundation as a beneficiary under your life insurance policy;
  • Transferring your home to the Foundation but reserving a “life estate” in the property that allows you to live there until you die;
  • Establishing and funding a trust that will provide income to you or your family until a specified event and then transfer the property to the Foundation;
  • Donating cash, stock, or other property to the Foundation while you’re still living (donating stocks that have appreciated substantially while you’ve owned them may result in significant tax savings).

What is the Barbara Jobe Michos Bequest Society?

The UUFR Foundation’s Barbara Jobe Michos Bequest Society recognizes UUFR members and friends who have made or arrange to make a lasting contribution to UUFR’s long-term financial health through a planned gift to UUFR.

The Society is named for long-time UUFR member Barbara Jobe Michos who cared deeply about the financial health of the Fellowship. Barbara was the daughter of founding UUFR members L.H. and Lizzie Jobe. She volunteered large amounts of her time to promote stewardship and set an example of planned giving by making a bequest to UUFR in her will.

Membership in the Michos Society is conferred on anyone who includes UUFR in their estate planning documents. Members of the Michos Society have their names placed on a plaque prominently displayed at UUFR and are recognized at events held to celebrate their generosity. There is no minimum gift required to belong to the Society, because all gifts are important and valued.

To assist in long-term planning and confirm membership in the Society, we request that donors share the pertinent language and details of their planned gifts in a confidential manner with the Foundation Board. By receiving a copy of the documentation, UUFR is better able to ensure that a donor’s estate planning gift is properly realized. To share your intent, please print, complete and mail our Planned Gift Form to the Foundation Board. Even if your gift is not to the Foundation, the Foundation Board serves as the conduit and repository for planned giving documents (which will be placed in a locked confidential file).

Planned gifts are typically made from assets in your estate and take effect upon your death. Common gift specifications include a lump sum amount, e.g., $10,000, or a specific percentage, e.g. 5%, of the net estate amount after taxes and expenses. Other specifications can include all or a share of a specific asset, such as a house, a retirement account, or an ownership interest in an insurance policy or a business.Most planned gifts are bequests that are transmitted to UUFR by the executor of an estate (if by a Will) or the Successor Trustee (if from a Living Trust). Other planned gifts include bequests from retirement accounts or annuities, life insurance proceeds, or other assets.