Our faith as Unitarian Universalists calls us to “give life the shape of justice” by speaking up and taking action to create a more just, equitable, tolerant, inclusive, and peaceful community, state, nation, and world for all people regardless of race, color, creed, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, or class.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh has been a prophetic voice for justice in Raleigh and North Carolina for many years.

Individually and collectively, we engage actively in struggles for human rights, civil rights and the rights of planet Earth, embodying our Unitarian Universalist principles, which affirm

  • the inherent worth and dignity of every person,
  • justice, equity and compassion in human relations,
  • the right of conscience and the use of the democratic process,
  • the goal of world community with peace, liberty, and justice for all, and
  • respect for the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

Our justice work takes many forms, including service and solidarity, education and consciousness raising, witness and direct action, and advocacy and organizing.

The Fellowship’s Justice Ministry Council leads the way and is comprised of staff and lay members of the congregation working across issues to create a multigenerational and deeply intersection justice ministry. To learn about our justice ministry programs or to find out how to get involved, please reach out to the contacts below:

– Richard Kevin [email protected] and Jim Hurdis [email protected]

UUFR’s Justice Council is responsible for planning UUFR’s justice programs and overseeing and resourcing UUFR’s justice ministries. Meetings of the Justice Council are open, and we welcome your participation! We meet every 2nd Tuesday at 5:30pm in the Conference Room.


Anti-Racism Ministry[email protected]; Lee Tate [email protected] and Jerri Meisner [email protected]

UUFR’s Anti-Racism Ministry (ARM) team coordinates the Fellowship’s racial justice work.

To support its mission, ARM is continuing to offer a series of workshops – “Living the Pledge to End Racism” during the 2019 – 2020 church year. During the workshop participants can explore their own experience with people of other races, examine the problems of microaggressions, learn how to speak up when they witness racist acts, and examine their own implicit biases. Each participant can develop an individualized action plan to support the work toward ending racism. “Living the Pledge” was developed by the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond, Va. and has been adopted by several other congregations in the UUA Southern Region. Read a testimonial written by a recent participant of the Living the Pledge workshop.

In addition to the Living the Pledge workshops, the Anti-Racism Ministry will also host a variety of shorter discussion and training programs on various aspects of racism. These will be announced in the Chalice and on the ARM bulletin board outside of Founders Hall.

For all of us this is a process, whether we’re working on our own attitudes toward race, raising awareness of implicit biases in our Fellowship or addressing more overt racism in our communities. Join us for this important journey.

Next Living The Pledge To End Racism Workshop:

Workshops are open to high school teens and adults. To volunteer to help with workshop food or logistics please click LTP Volunteer Opportunities – Logistics

Contacts:  Lee Tate — [email protected] and Jerri Meisner – [email protected]


Welcoming Congregation Team – Susan Silverio [email protected]

UUFR’s Welcoming Congregation team coordinates UUFR’s LGBTQ justice work and recently oversaw our Welcoming Congregation re-certification process.

Migrant and Refugee Justice Ministry – Pat McLaughlin [email protected] and Lesley Koustaff [email protected]

UUFR’s Migrant and Refugee Justice Ministry creates opportunities to educate and activate UUFR around issues of migrant and refugee justice locally, nationally and internationally.

Environmental Justice Ministry – Russ Outcalt rjoutcalt@gmail.com

UUFR’s Environmental Justice Ministry creates opportunities to educate and activate UUFR to take care of our Mother Earth and all her creatures within and outside our congregation.



Angel Tree – Deanna Alfaro [email protected]

Each holiday season, UUFR provides an opportunity for volunteers to coordinate a gift drive for families in need.

Interfaith Food Shuttle – Amy Gilbert [email protected]

UUFR offers a monthly opportunity for volunteers to come together to help feed the hungry.

Voter Advocacy – Nancy Moxley [email protected] and Jinny Batterson, [email protected]

UUFR offers periodic opportunities to participate in voter engagement, education, advocacy and action to help protect and strengthen our democracy.

Love Wins – Linda Liles lsliles@gmail.com and Ruthie Rodelander ruthierodelander@yahoo.com

UUFR currently provides lunch every other month for Love Wins Ministries at Trinity United Methodist Church in Raleigh.  We feed about 70 people who are homeless and at-risk.  In addition to donating food, we help set up and serve.

Urban Ministries (UM) – Linda Bestimt [email protected].  UM offers a variety of opportunities in their clinic, reception area, food pantry, etc.



Justice Sunday Collections – Once a month, UUFR gives away the Sunday morning collection to a justice organization in the community. To request a Justice Sunday collection, please click on this link and complete the form. It will be sent to the Social Justice Council chairs, who will get back to you.

Sister Cities of San Ramon – Whit Hames [email protected]

UUFR sells items during coffee hour to support our sister city, San Ramon.

The Haiti Tree Project – Karen Nicolas [email protected]

UUFR sells items during coffee hour to support the Haiti Tree Project.

Urban Ministries Food Collections – Linda Bestimt [email protected]

UUFR organizes food collections on an ongoing basis for Urban Ministries.



For more information about UUFR’s Justice Ministry or to get involved, contact our Justice Council at [email protected].