Memorial services honor loved ones who have died by celebrating their lives and offering comfort and support for their survivors. img_1197

Each memorial service is developed by one of the Fellowship’s ministers along with the family of the deceased person to personally honor his or her life and memory.

Memorial services often include:

  • A eulogy
  • Poems and other readings
  • Prayer or meditation
  • A time to remember the deceased with stories and memories
  • Hymn singing or other music
  • A time for personal reflection

Use of the Fellowship’s Sanctuary

There is no charge for the use of UUFR’s facilities for memorial services for Fellowship members and friends or the close relatives of Fellowship members and friends.

The Fellowship’s facilities are available for rent for memorial services for others. Contact the UUFR office for information on availability, scheduling, use policies, and facility use fees.

Ministerial Services

The Fellowship’s ministers are available to plan and lead memorial services for Fellowship members and friends without charge and, on occasion, for those who are not Fellowship members or friends (when the deceased is not a member or friend of UUFR, or a close relative of a member, it is customary for the family to pay for the minister’s services).


Please contact the Fellowship’s Music Director if you would like her to plan or perform music for a memorial service. Payment of an honorarium for musicians is customary.


Families who want to hold a reception after the memorial service, may make arrangements for food or catering at their own expense or, in the case of Fellowship members and friends, may ask the Fellowship’s Care Team to plan and organize the reception. When the Care Team organizes a reception, it requests donations of food from friends of the deceased person and others in the congregation. If it is necessary for the committee to purchase food for the reception, the family may be asked to reimburse UUFR for the cost of the food.

Interment of Ashes in UUFR’s Memorial Gardenimg_1192

The ashes of UUFR’s members, certain relatives of UUFR members, and, in some instances, other persons may be interred or scattered in UUFR’s Memorial Garden. If the ashes are interred, a biodegradable container is necessary. A small hole for interred ashes may be dug in the planter or on the grounds, but UUFR does not keep a record of where interred ashes are placed, and markers are not allowed.

The names of deceased UUFR members (and, in some instances, others) may be inscribed on a granite stele in the Memorial Garden.

Policies associated with use of the Memorial Garden, information packets about the use of the garden, and form for the scattering of ashes and inscription of names are posted on the Fellowship’s Google Drive.

End of Life Planning

Fellowship members and friends are encouraged to plan for the end of their lives by