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Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Raleigh

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PO Box 33705
Raleigh, NC 27636


We are on Raleigh bus route #4

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Monday - Thursday
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Pastoral Care Phone: 919-239-2436

Is The Tide Turning?

June 26, 2022
Rachel Wellons, an out, proud, trans woman who is new member at UUFR, shares a message titled, "Is the Tide Turning?" There has been so much progress on LGBTQ rights…
This Sunday we'll mark Father's Day with heartfelt reflections from six members of UUFR. They'll talk about the fathers and other mentors who have modeled attitudes and behaviors that have…
Rev. Sasha leads us in our flower communion and recognizes volunteers in the congregation. She speaks on the meaning of community and advancing our values in the world.

Stay Woke: Eyes Wide Shut

April 24, 2022
This morning guest minister Rev. Randy Lewis shares a message titled, "Stay Woke: Eyes Wide Shut," saying, "If there has ever been a time that we needed to be alert,…
Rev. James shares a message this morning titled, "The Three Meanings of Easter," and talks about both the personal and political inspiration and wisdom religious liberals can discover in this…


April 10, 2022
In consideration of this month's Soul Matters theme, Rev. Sasha offers a message titled "Awakening," which examines awakening as a process of becoming more present to ourselves and engaging more…

Everything is Holy Now

April 3, 2022
Rev. James shares a message this morning titled, "Everthing is Holy Now." Our choir will sing, and our children will join us in the sanctuary for the beginning of the…
People who participate in religious communities are happier than others, and this morning, Rev. James shares a messaged titled "There's no place like UUFR" and talks about why. This morning,…

Shh…Can We Talk?

February 27, 2022
UUs often talk about what Unitarian Universalists believe as a group, but we rarely talk about what we believe individually. In this lay led service, members of the congregation will…

Coming Alive Again

February 13, 2022
Rev. James shares a message this morning titled, "Coming Alive Again," saying, "Sometimes something creates a crack in our ossified outlook on life. Sometimes something breaks through our habitual hum…

Listening for the Spirit

January 30, 2022
Rev. Patty Hanneman, our guest speaker this morning, shares a messaged titled, "Listening to the Spirit." Rev Hanneman says, "Among the many messages we receive each day about how to…

Two Kinds of Religion

January 2, 2022
There are really only two kinds of religion in this country, and most people, Rev. James suggests in his message this morning, practice either one kind or the other.

Celebrating the Season

December 19, 2021
This Sunday is our holiday music worship service. Come listen to the choir sing, join in carols, and hear UUFR members reflect on how they experience the sacred during this…

Seven Kinds of Joy

December 5, 2021
It's colder and darker everyday and news of the world is often grim, but in this morning's message, Rev. James reflect this morning on the many different kinds of joy…

Gratitude in a Hungry World

November 28, 2021
As we gather on this Sunday after Thanksgiving, the National Day of Mourning, and Black Friday, we reflect on the challenge of gratitude in a world that still does not…

The Price We Pay

November 14, 2021
People of color bear the brunt of racism's costs, but this morning Rev. James explores how all of us pay a price for our country's racism in surprising ways we…

Myths of Grief

November 7, 2021
Rev. James shares this morning that what he believed about grief for most of his life was just plain wrong. There will also be a Ritual of Remembrance this morning…

Cultivating Relationship

October 31, 2021
For Sunday, we present a lay-led service that focuses on cultivating relationships, especially in trying times of pandemic. Remarks this week are from Danny Lea, Ella Davis and Josh Shaffer.

Mirrors and Seers

September 26, 2021
Scriptures and folktales are filled with stories of prophets to whom God grants visions of the future to guide communities at critical times. But we are not seers. We are…

Addicted to the Job

September 5, 2021
On this Sunday before Labor Day, Rev. James reflects on the unhealthy, dysfunctional relationships people have to their jobs. What's your relationship to your work? Are you working to live…

The Act of Forgiving God

August 22, 2021
What do you do when your dreams are crushed, and your life doesn’t work out as you envisioned it? What happens when someone betrays, wounds, or abuses you, and it…
It's hard to fully grasp the magnitude of this moment for our democracy, our earth and our humanity. Though we may be wrestling with doubt and weariness, our faith calls…
This morning Rev. Thom Belote, minister at the Community Church of Chapel Hill, Unitarian Universalist, talks about a mystical experience following his father's death, the effects on his life, and…

Learning To Pray Again

July 11, 2021
In her message this morning, Sarah Ford Neorr talks about moving beyond her childhood understanding of prayer into a liberal religious understanding of what it might mean to pray.