Thank You to Volunteers at Last Weekend’s UUFR Events

Thank You For . . .

Last Sunday’s Welcome Brunch — A BIG thank-you to all of the volunteers who contributed their food and their time to making the brunch for Rev. James and his family a great success. An extra special thank-you to the kitchen staff, coffee volunteers and clean-up crew who left Founders Hall and the kitchen in great shape for the coming week. Thank you to all!

Flea Market – Many thanks and hugs for all the workers who made the fall flea market a tremendous success. We made more money than we have in a long time, and we had more things to sell. If you forgot about this sale, there will be another sale in late February or March, so hang on to your “treasures.” Special thanks go to Amy Blackwell, Bo Chagnon, John DeBoskey, Kate Duprey, Jim Flanagan, Gordon Gross, Dianne Hain, Whit Hames, Jane Hunt, Diann Irwin, Arlene Jarvela, Tom Karches, John McLain, Pat McLaughlin, Judy Montgomery, Russ and Lynn Outcalt, Sonnya Quinn, Mary Parker, Alice Pettyjohn, Janet Rattray, Linda Rogers, Jessica Sinha, Christina Stableford, Chary Sundstrom, Salinda Tyson, Pat Ward, Carmen White, Hao and Joe Williams, Jim Wood, and Barbara Zimmerman.