Social Justice Team Blogs are Here!

Months ago, we began developing a blog platform to communicate the depth and breadth of the work done by UUFR’s Social Justice Ministry Teams. We knew that too little of their vital accomplishments can be communicated through our existing channels. But, even a month ago, we didn’t foresee how the pandemic would upend our mostly comfortable worlds in large and small ways.

Our social justice work has always been crucial to UUFR’s identity. But we can now see clearly how brittle and inadequate our institutions of public health, health care, and support for struggling and marginalized people have become. As we care for our own community it is obvious that we are called to look outward from our positions of relative privilege to respond to the urgent needs that surround us.

When you open this page or follow a link from an announcement in The Chalice you will find entries by the social justice teams which provide detail and texture on their work and background on the sometimes-complex problems that they address. Schedules and brief descriptions of initiative will appear in The Chalice. Complete, more nuanced information, and answers to your questions will appear here.

Come back soon to see what is going on.
Richard Kevin For the Social Justice Council