Social Justice is Active at the UUFR

Even though our doors have been closed for nearly two months, members of our congregation are still participating and increasing their social justice activities.  Visit the UUFR parking lot at 11AM on Friday mornings you will find Linda Liles collecting food donations for Love Wins.  Linda has started this additional collection every Friday.  Dozens of members show up with food and other donations.

This week Nancy Moxley will be distributing 500 Get out the Vote postcards and mailing lists to members who have signed up to encourage voters across the state to vote in November. For more information contact Nancy Moxley.

Nancy Devereux will be picking up knitted crochet squares for a charity blanket project.

Soon the Immigrant & Refugee team will start collecting item such as diapers and baby wipes along with donations for families of babies born shortly before and during during this pandemic. Remember these families have not been included in the stimulus programs.  More information will be in the Chalice and How to Help button on

The Environmental Justice team organized another “Write Here Write Now” letter writing campaign with UUSJ in support of bill S2754, submitting 38 letters. This bipartisan bill would phase out the super greenhouse gas HFC refrigerants. A blog was written on the subject and posted to the UUFR Blog page.

UUFR-Yaveneh ONE Wake ministry team has been active supporting votes by the Wake County commissioners.  On May 4, 753 members of ONE Wake sent comments supporting the Wake County commissioner’s expenditure of over $2 million to pay for motel rooms for the homeless temporarily housed during the stay at home orders. Our comments were more than double any previous number of comments ever received.  Over 90 of those 753 comments were from members of the UUFR.

On Monday May 18th more than a dozen UUFR members attended a ONE Wake press conference encouraging Wake County commissioners to approve the plan to spend $194 million allocated to county by the CARES Act.

There are many more actions being undertaken by our members during these times. In addition to time the talents and treasures of our members have been used to assist those in need.  We thank you for volunteering.  For more information click on the How to Help  at  This page also has opportunities to volunteer to tutor children of immigrant families, volunteer at emergency feeding sites, donate to Urban Ministries, participates in social justice letter writing campaigns or volunteer to drive for meals on wheels.

Collecting food and supplies for Love Wins Ministry


Nancy Moxley distributes postcarding kits for UU the Vote project