Help UUFR help the world: Join us for a social justice Wellspring

By Kristin Collins, Social Justice Council

Please join UUFR’s Social Justice Council for a Wellspring program on Dec. 9 at 7 p.m., where members can hear from our social justice ministries, learn about how to get involved with the existing teams or create a new team, and offer ideas for doing good in the midst of difficult times. Use this link to attend. (Passcode: uufr3313)

Making food donations in the UUFR Action Lot

It has been a long time since we’ve been able to worship together in UUFR’s airy sanctuary, to hold hands in fellowship at the end of a service, to mingle over coffee and sheet cake in Founders Hall. Yet, even during this long period of physical separation, the power of our community endures.

One of the primary ways this has become evident is through our congregation’s social justice work. Even in a pandemic, we have found ways to build a better world together. To name just a few of our pandemic service projects:

We’ve created the Friday Action Lot, where from 10:30 to noon every week, members come to drop off food for the hungry. To pick up get out the vote postcards. To contribute knitted squares to be stitched into blankets for refugees. To drop off compost in UUFR’s community composting bin. To exchange jigsaw puzzles for passing the long hours of quarantine.

We’ve supplied hundreds of hand-stitched masks to partner organizations in Raleigh’s communities of color.

We drew record turnout to ONE Wake’s Founding Assembly, and members are continuing their collaborative work with congregations across Wake County to ensure advocate for affordable housing, jobs with livable wages, and equitable education.

We are installing solar panels on the sanctuary’s roof, so we can live out our commitment to environmental sustainability.

And we’ve collectively given thousands of dollars to area charities through our Justice Sundays.

As the pandemic continues, we want to continue to expand our impact. This Wellspring conversation is part of that effort

Someday, when the pandemic has faded into history, our children and grandchildren might ask what role we played. Let us say that we were among the helpers.

UUFR volunteers
Volunteers preparing soup kits for Urban Ministries

Please join us here. Passcode: uufr3313