Board Town Hall Meeting via ZOOM, January 17, 2021

The UUFR Board conducted a Town Hall meeting last Sunday to update the congregation on important happenings at our fellowship.

David Prestrud, Chair of the UUFR Renovation Task Force, shared that the renovation work planned for Peace Hall is progressing nicely.  Members can look forward a nice sprucing up of our facility to be finished around the end of March.  Major changes include new paint, new flooring/carpeting, new windows, a unisex bathroom, new shower facility and full LED light replacement.

Paul Groves, Board Treasurer, provided an update on UUFR finances.  Mid-year we are financially stable with revenue and expenses mostly close to plan with a modest surplus in funds.  This surplus will help balance out a projected revenue deficit related to lagging rental income due to COVID.  More information on the budget can be found elsewhere in the Chalice.

Lynne Taylor, Chair of the Generosity Campaign, gave an update about this year’s Campaign. Our new budget year begins July 1 and we are rolling out the campaign now to support this.  Pledges make up a majority of our operating budget so the Campaign’s success is important.  It will be kicked off on Feb 7 with pledge cards due on March 31, 2021. The Campaign will be having small group activities to connect with members and discuss the importance of pledging. Incentives for giving will be announced soon.

Mary Kay Fruga, Board President-Elect, briefed the congregation on the Lead Minister evaluation results.  This formal evaluation, conducted in 2020, consisted of input from a congregational survey and a self-evaluation done by Rev. James and will be conducted going forward on a routine basis.  Results were reported directly to the Board.  Rev. James evaluated staff and results were sent to him.  Overall, there was much praise for Rev. James’ performance.  Action steps going forward pertain to working together to clarify expectations about the role of the lead minister, working with UUFR staff on who does what and points of contact, and working with Rev. James to balance planned absences with the need for his presence.  Next up is an evaluation of the Board to be conducted by the end of the church year and then routinely going forward.  Stay tuned for a survey coming soon, your participation will be much appreciated.  The new evaluation process gives UUFR an opportunity to properly assess and give feedback about leadership performance and accountability.  See more details now on the “Fellowship Matters Blog.”

Rev. James ended the Town Hall update with a quick discussion about plans for the congregation and COVID.  He does not have a definite date for beginning in-person activities.  He is in conversation with other congregations and we may come back in June or later.  Once the weather is better consider having outside gatherings like coffee hour, watching the service from our cars prior.  Number one goal is safety.  No matter when we come back UUFR will still live-stream services going into future.  It is very useful for Rev. James and other staff to get a feel for what the congregation thinks and has concerns about.  Will pay attention to public health officials, but still wants a focus placed on members.  Hope to start regular classes for children and youth in September.

The Town Hall concluded with a Q/A period for members to express concerns or ask questions.

Detailed info from the Town Hall is located in the Member Drive, Congregational Meetings folder on Google drive

Sheila Higgins, Board Secretary